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27 June 2008


taylor Siluwe

Cool. And dangling Tiger from your rearview will be a major step toward living an out and authentic life for many people. So many brothers cringe at such outward signs of their same gender attraction.

I'm all for it. Good luck, Tiger.

taylor Siluwe

One more thing,

... its ironic because I was just in the car wash recently perusing the air-fresheners and wishing they had seXy guys ones. There were plenty of busty bimbo fresheners, but no guys. I started to mention it to the owner, but I chickened out.

As out and proud as some of us believe we are, we all need a little work i the courage department sometimes. I'll mention it next time; that's a promise to me.


I heard it smells like bare ass and feet.

taylor Siluwe

Are you serious?? LMAO!!!

I have a friend who's car smells like that, but he gets it the old fashioned way (as the cum-towel on his nasty back seat will attest to).

I hope you're kidding though ... LOL

Derrick from Philly

I prefer straight porn to gay porn (I guess that aint no surprise to those of you who've read my postings), and I never saw a gay male porno star who thrilled me-- UNTIL TIGER.

The first time I saw "Tiger's Brooklyn Tales" I said, "that guy acts like he really enjoys his work."

I love him...front and back..."Top" and...well, no.


Iowno ... he looks like dirty back alley trash to me, lol ... I can't ever get past that when I try to watch his movies. Of all of those porn guys I can think of, he's not one I'd want hanging from my mirror. Nice schlong though.

taylor Siluwe


Ain't nothin' like a little dirty back alley trash. I get chills just thinking about it.

Keep your genteel types. Gimme me a little ghetto trash with a tooth missing and I'm good to go. But he gotta bounce out before I fall asleep.


"Gimme me a little ghetto trash with a tooth missing and I'm good to go."

ROTFL ... oh my god!

Rod Mc

DERRICK That was actually one of my favorite films of Tiger's. He did good work with Enrique Cruz but I think his newer work at Pitbull is much stronger.

Derrick from Philly

"....he gotta bounce out before I fall asleep"

That's the problem...I'm too old to be fightin' trade. I used to think about sneakin' sleeping pills in their beer--then I could drag them out onto the sidewalk...but that didn't seem fair--especially in the winter time.

So, that's when I tried to appreciate clean-cut Obama-type trade like ME--no, no, not like me...I mean, like the poster ME. And I do like nice educated men, but they don't thrill me like TIGER...and Lord knows, TIGER can fill your tank.


LOL, ya'll have me in stitches in my cube! Yes, Derrick, I do like my clean trade (I'm with you on the Barack fantasies) ... lol ... I lost my hankering for the roughnecks many many moons ago. Give me a good bookish man with a D@#$ down to his knees to keep me happy for days, and I'm set, lol. Speaking of fighting trade, I do know somebody who had his spot broken into by a piece - that was scary! Just goes to show you gotta be careful I guess. I like the sleeping bills in the beer idea, lol ...

taylor Siluwe

"I used to think about sneakin' sleeping pills in their beer--then I could drag them out onto the sidewalk...but that didn't seem fair--especially in the winter time."

LOL - That's too funny. I've always operated under the theory of whether I can take him or not. That's why I like little ghetto trash -- ones I can snap in two if they get outta line. You'll never see me with the big, muscular twice my size type of ghetto boy. I ain't no fool.

As for Tiger, he's just the right size.

Derrick from Philly

I always knew you were one of them "tough children", taylor. I understand your philosophy, but I like big beefy men. I just took my chances, and like Miss Blanche, "I always depended on the kindness of strangers"....the Good Lord looks after babies, drunks and drunken "queens".

Me, don't you have to be kinda' on the "down low" yourself to pluck clean-cut, middle-class, Obama-type trade. The few that I had...for company were drunk or high when we got together. When they were sober--they wouldn't go near a "queen" with a ten foot pole.


Naw, no DL here Derrick ... you'd be surprised. I've actually got my eye on one now. He did his master's thesis on black homophobia, and good god in heaven he's fine. Just my type. Nice, well put together and the full bit. I have made it my general rule not to date men who are closeted. My heart can't take it, lol. I rarely even lay down with them anymore just for casual purposes, because like you said, they have to be in an altered state to get down. Though, the last time I got my back blown out by some rough trade, it was fabulous. See ya'll got me about to slip up! LOL


I never got it why people think this dude is fine, compared to all the other brothas in the porn world. You know how there are those dudes you aren't attracted to but you understand why other people are? This one is completely lost on me. More power to him for diversifying his business tho.

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