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09 June 2008


Derrick from Philly

When Vin (Mark Vincent) was young he had a huge Afro. He looked like a light-skinned black boy (very cute, of course). I like him--I'm just not sure he likes black people. Hell, sometimes I don't either, but I have no where to go. I can't pass for Filipino, honey.

C. Baptiste-Williams

it amazes me that people want to speculate on who someone they dont know likes or doesnt like

Derrick from Philly

Then stay amazed, dahlin'.

Speculation on what movie stars and celebrities like or dislike is as American as kiwi flavored lubricant. And there is curiosity in the black community about biracial stars and which community they identify with--especially now that they have a choice as to how they identify themselves. Has Vin ever played a black character in any of his movies? What was his relationship with his father? And could that have affected his view of black folks?

Questions about biracial people's attitudes on race has always been a legitimate discussion in this country--especially in the black community, and on this blog (now that I think about it).

"...speculate on someone they don't know."

Please, how many people "knew" Greta Garbo? Didn't stop them from speculating whether she prefered women to men.

I'm just speculatin', C. Baptiste--I din't say I wanted to feed him to the Klan.

Derrick from Philly

I started laughing and had to post one more time on this thread.

C. Baptiste-Williams: Look at the article and the links to other articles. There speculating about his sexuality. Which do you believe he would be less comfortable discussing? His racial identiy or his sex life?

And he opened up these issues with his "preference for dating in Europe". Who? Africans in Europe?

He's a celebrity, and a big boy...big sexy Italian-BLACK boy.

Oh, the video of him (at about 12 or 13) wearing the Afro can be seen on Youtube, I think. He was break dancing back in the 80s....just as cute as he wannabe. Don't nobody call the vice squad on me. I aint a NAMBLA member.

Greg G

LOL@Derrick, you need to stop sometimes.

C. Baptiste, there is absolutely nothing wrong with speculating, because the question has been asked of Vin/Mark many times. Unless you say Details and Jay Leno can ask Vin about his sexuality and no one else can? .

Derrick is right, when you are a celebrity, you are purposefully putting your life under a microscope. Oh, and Vin Diesel is a gay and no one is fooled by the 'announcement' of a months-old birth. If I were a proud father, I'd want everyone to know.


Wow. A celebrity dares have a personal family moment and NOT plaster it all over the magazines and news programs? What was Vin Diesel thinking? Didn't he get the memo? As a performer/actor, he's obligated to spill all the beans, show the amneo photos, discuss baby names, his plans with the baby's mama, and sell the first baby photos to the highest tabloid bidder. Geesh, where does he get off actually keeping his private life private? The nerve!

atl kid

Wow. A celebrity dares have a personal family moment and NOT plaster it all over the magazines and news programs? What was Vin Diesel thinking? Didn't he get the memo?

No, sweetie, we all 'got the memo' long ago on Vin and that is why we are laughing. But nice try tying to prove your client is a 'family' man.


DEAD@ Sunny I'm not one for rumors per say but,damn I heard Vin Diesel was bisexual.The information holds no merit but,since I don't keep up w/ celeb gossip....I was wondering was he OUT lol.Congrats on the baby either way.


eh, who cares? Vin is ghey..always has been, always will be...

any straight person would be plastering the media with pics of the baby..no word from diesel since 2006 and now allof a sudden, he has a 2 month old son...

y'all know she was impregnated via a turkey baster! lol!

i'm not convinced and this is all convenient knowing that he's shooting another Fast and Furious movie, has a sci-fi/action-drama film coming out in august and has been in DIRE need of a hit in order to maintain his medicore presence in hollywood (which was never helped by an inflated ego and limited acting chops)

Don't get me wrong--I wouldn't kick him OR his "bodyguard/friend" F. Valentino Morales out of bed..they're HAWT.

But, honestly, he's been suspect for years and this recent news is NEVER going to change this...


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