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15 July 2008



roflmao "It is a fact"


Oh they need to just stop. Those two boys are in love. "Everybody knows", lol.

Samuel SI

It is a fact, alright. Everybody knows they are lovers. That is too mf funny, lol. "Everybody knows how tight Omarion wears his pants."


I love these two boys. They are definitely a couple. That wasn't a diss, that was a compliment.


This soap opera is too much. I love it love it. These boys are in love and that 'diss' was Bow Wow's shout out' to his homeboy. And of course the other reference was to some unnamed, edited person. Young lovers.


Well, sure, if 'everybody knows about it' why not 'joke' about it. LOL


And Omarion wears his tight jeans WELL. God bless the boy and please keep it up.


yes, yes, yes. wear those tight jeans, omarion, the men love you for it.

Tony R

Okay. I'm confused. If Bow Wow is teasing Omarion by joking about his jeans in a mixtape, does that mean he is complimenting the other person he was supposed to be dissing? If so, that would mean he really might like Omarion. ...


Umm, I think some of y'all are reading to much into this.


i'm glad it's just playful teasing. i sure hope those kids can work things out.


I think they had a relationship that fall apart after duo-album that failed. I think they both were kicking it but one loved one the other more than the other. I think Bow Wow was the top and big bubble a-- Omarion was bottom. It's cute. Love in the industry is cute.


Please. I cannot believe my own eyes. Bow Wow and Omarion are straight, god-fearing young men and have had many girlfriends. They are very hetero. You gays think every man with a sixpack is gay. Trust, these young men are into women.


WWJD, you sound like so many women who wind up shocked and surprised when they catch their man with another man. ("But he didn't look gay?")

It's you straight folks who mistakenly think every man with a sixpack is heterosexual. Come to my gym with me, I can prove otherwise, about a hundred times over!


"You gays think every man with a sixpack is gay."

Because they usually are. Have you seen most young straight black men in their 20s? There is a reason why they wear xxxl white t-shirts.


that was my thinking when Bow said this about O initially...that it was a compliment and not a diss. Glad the cleared it up for us.

for me, i've met my share of gay and straight black men with a six-pack. regardless of their sexualty, they make a very cute couple.


Bernie, for our information I am a man and a real MAN. Not a gay sex obsessed homo such as you and the other gay bloggers on this site. Get real. Bow Wow and Omarion are not 'on the DL.' They are into women. Just because you gays are gay, does not mean everyone is.



you are wasting your time trying to convince us gay guys.




I'm sure you've heard the argument "What is a REAL Man". And you have your own version of same.Ponder the thought and you will eventually come to the right conclusion about being a "Real Man".

Carl CS

>>>>>>>>Get real. Bow Wow and Omarion are not 'on the DL.'

No, it seems they are quite open about their relationship. 'EVERYBODY KNOWS.'


WWJD, I am more REAL MAN than you could ever hope to be.

But do tell me, if you're so straight, why are you up in here among all the gay boys, reading and commenting about Bow Wow and Omarion?

Me thinks your closet door is open.


They are as cute as can be. That is all.

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