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09 July 2008



Wow. This is very bad news. It's sad when anyone dies, especially when someone is so young. Leaving the black gay pride weekend ... a freak accident ... what a shame. My condolences.


Wow. This young man was only 23 years old. So young, he had his whole life before him. That is a shame. RIP Eric Lamar.


Gosh .... scary and sad. Definitely makes you take pause.

Samuel SI

Not the best news to start the day with. I'm used to the eye candy and celebrity news leading the morning here. But I must confess that I have seen this young man on Cocodorm. This is very tragic news, I'm very sorry to hear this.


God rest his soul.

A. Ronald

You never know when your time is up, It certainly makes you think. I'm sure Lamar lived life to the fullest and had no regrets. Thankfully he died instantly. What a horrible story.

Avery H

What a sad, tragic end to a beautiful young man. He and his family are in my prayers.


Beautiful smile and apparently a beautiful personality. What a loss.

Oliver W

What a way to end pride. This story is too tragic.

Scott P

Okay, so is Cocodorm still going to use his videos and photos? It doesn't seem right because he is dead.


Scott, of course the company can still use his images. Lamar signed away rights for perpetuity. It is S.O.P. for movie studios, photographers, record labels to keep control of creative product after talent has died.

FWIW, when you are watching porn movies, the chances are highly likely some of the models have died or been killed. Especially if you are watching white gay porn or any of the movies from the 90s.


yeah, i like porn but there is something creepy to me about watching people who are dead having sex. i'm not sure why. i don't have any problem watching old movies where everyone is dead.


This is very sad news and was a tragic ending to gay pride weekend. My sympathies to the friends and family. However, there is nothing creepy about watching his videos. There must be dozens of similar cases in gay and straight porn. But from a strictly aesthetic pov, isn't the reason you take a picture or video is to keep a permanent record of the moment? That is what is happening. Surely you have none of these same reservations watching a regular movie where some of the actors may have died.


This was god's will. If you live a sinning lifestyle like this homo, you will die and burn in hell!


Hey Mike how about you stop eating shelf fish, cutting your hair or shaving, talking to woman who have their periods, going to church if you wear glasses and a whole bunch of other things that the bible also says are abominations. If you pick and choose what bible passages to believe and follow to suit your needs it makes you a total fucking hypocrite....So how about you just shut the fuck up already.


This is horrible news. Tragedies of this natrure should make all take personal inventory and know that nobody is invincible. May God Bless and keep his family and friends always.


man let me tell you something mike ,that was my brother if and we are suffering a great loss ,man if i was to meet you ,lord knows what may happen


Yes, it is definitely a tradgic loss. I do agree that is is part of God's way of telling us we all need to change. I am not one to judge nobody, but it is so coincidental that he was leaving a gay event and got killed. ( To Tyrone, his brother, I am so sorry for the loss. My love goes out to you and your family. )

o wow

Damn I never even saw him on COCO but damn he was too young... Its always sad when someone so young dies....


omg.that's crazy.i never knew about lamar, but he is the great sexy guy on cocodorm.it was an extremely shocking moment to hear this tragedy and it makes the cocodorm models and us feel sick to our stomaches.we mourn for him, he is gone, but we will never forget him and his memories, his spirit will live on among us, as he will look above us with his smile, and we will see him again soon.may he r.i.p.


my prayers go out to the family & friends, it is for sure that we will all pass 1 day, we don't know when but the key is not how you leave earth but where u go when its over. thats why I say have christ in your life, He knew what u would be, before you were born and accepts us as we are when we come to him. then & only then can we really begin to live without fear. its better to have him & NOT need him then to need him & NOT have him. peace& blessings!


hey this is LIL SEBASTIAN and erick lamar was my friend i hung out with him the nite before he died and it is really tragic that a young gifted men has been layed to rest we love u him and will truly miss him

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