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30 July 2008



Now that's what I'm talking about! Pelosi better send this to the full House.


Did you see that 60 Minutes special on the prosecution of Gov. Siegeleman? Rove's grubby fingerprints were all over that case. Throw him in jail and throw away the key.


Rod, do you ever report anything bad about Democrats? You seem to take a particular glee when anything happens to Republicans. May I remind you that it was the Republican Party that freed the slaves and voted for the civil rights act.

Derrick from Philly

You know, I'd been angry at John Conyers for criticizing Jimmy Carter's views on Palestinian freedom, but have to hand it to the brotha' on this one. Conyers was determined to make the Republicans...(sorry GWM, make the BUSH/ROVE/CHENEY REPUBLICANS pay for some the illegal shit they dumped on this country over the last 7 years. Conyers has balls...I bet they're as fine as he used to be. Oh, I'm sorry...but y'all know me by now. Sometimes I just can't help my sleazy self.


May I remind you that it was the Republican Party that abandoned freed blacks in 1876, and allowed the reign of terror, mass murder, and continuation of "un-official" slavery to flourish in the former Confederacy. May I also ask you why so many white southern, racist Democrats joined the Republican Party in the 1970s--a la Strom Thurmond? Could it have had anything to do with the Democratic Party's embracing of the Civil Rights movement, school intergration and affirmative action?

Be careful with those history lessons, GWM.


GWM: are you serious? you MUST be a "rod2.0 virgin" let me snatch that proverbial cherry for you...

rod is probably one of the most objective political and pop culture bloggers around..he's critical of BOTH Dems and Republicans...

If you bothered to READ the blog and the archives before you posted, you'd know that...

But, we KNOW the answer to that, dont we?

Maybe you should go over to towleroad, the site of faux democratic leanings and republican skull-giving, eh?

I guess is hould be happy..but this is many years too late...I feel that the dems waited to long to bust his ass...

this is about as hollow as Kucinich 35 articles to impeach bush--a full 5.5-6 years AFTER the fact (the impeachment should have happened as SOON as it was learned there were NO weapons of mass destruction to be found in Iraq whatsoever).

Pelosi isn't doing anything...they'll sit on it and wait like they always do.


Conyers is the man, he is holding Rove to the fire. Now et's see if Pelosi can take time out from her busy schedule to actually do something good for the Democrats.

Bill W

GWM is a tool. Look at the sidebar, Mary, this is a GAY, LIBERAL and DEMOCRATIC blog. I hope Rove meets Tyrone in prison and they make very nice with each other.


Another great story Rod-bravo! You guys said it best so all I can do is applaud that this is happening.


"This is a GAY, LIBERAL and DEMOCRATIC blog.".

You forget to mention 'CHOCOLATE'.


Oh, so it's like that. I get it. GWM is one of those DuPont Circle, white privilege queens who believe black folk should be "grateful" the Republicans "rescued" us from slavery.

That was looong ago and the current Republican Party is bastardization of what it once was. As Luther said, if the GOP could restart slavery, they probably would. They fight minimum wages, safe working conditions and enforcing child and immigrant labor laws ... that's about the same.

Oh, and I bet you're a 'chocolate chaser', too.


Derrick, you'd better preach on. It is so ridiculous when these revisionist Republicans have to go all the way back to slavery to try to prove their bona fides. How about Katrina and Jena?

I hope the full House votes on this and sends Karl to jail. That SOB.


Who the frick cares who 'ended' slavery? this isn't the subject matter

Or if we're to debate it, try to answer this one:

Why isn't the good old republican party doing something to end the modern White Slavery? that one which enables the trafficking of close to 15,000 women from Eastern Europe into the USA each year for the purpose of sex slavery? Ohh I know, if they don't do anything it's because
1)they could use the prostitutes themselves as seen from recent news stories.
2)sex trafficking has its obvious benefits and day of glory in an economy or political system which is reeked with corruption and lack of basic ethics, like the one our government aspires to.

There you have it.


As for Karl Rove, he's such a loser! I still remember the muchly media-pimped clip of him dancing to some rap at a Correspondents Gala..Not only was it questionable of him to mingle with journalists and try to get on their good side by playing the buffoon, but his antics were simply appalling to witness. for anyone.

Karl Rove Comes Unhinged

Rod Mc

Hi Sami, I'm enjoying your comments but please no profanity, that flags this website on many internet filters at workplaces. Thanks much.


Point well taken Rod. I'm going to keep pointing out imbecility, but do so in an elegant manner ;)

J Matt

Great great report. Bout time justice is served. Rove, get ready to fry in court.

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