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22 July 2008


Tyler Grey

Haaz Sleiman is hot, hot, hot. Good for him to finally graduate from 'guest star' to 'star.'


HA! HA! Haaz is "playing" gay? I love that headline.

Ant P

Yeah, I'm sure it is a stretch for Haaz Sleiman to 'play' a gay character, LOL. But seriously, congratulations are in order, he was great in The Visitor and I'm glad he has finally found a role that will allow him to shine.


"...it was a strong move on Sleman's part to take a role with some meat."

Ha! I know that's right!


He's amazingly beautiful.

Paul W

Q, you caught that one too, lol.


It's time like this when I wish you had bigger font possibilities:

BRAVO! The more we show up, in various colors and characters, the more people SEE us, beyond stereotypes and closets! Kudos to Showtime! That's why I love 'em!


this will be a good move for him..let's face it, hollywood is averse to color, and haaz aint white...

he's a decent actor with limited range, but acting alongside edie falco...he will DEFINITELY get it...

im looking forward to this and The United States of Tara--showtime's other new show starring Toni Collette and written and being run by Diablo Cody (won best original screenplay at this year's oscars)..showtime has been putting on some consistently edgy and well written fare for the past few years and they, along with HBO, BBC America, and F/X are starting to replace the networks in regard to seeing three dimensional, characters of color on my tv screen every week...

Love Shonda Rimes and the current showrunners of LOST for adding to that diversity, though their treatment of black men on the show is suspect...

kudos to Ugly Betty, and now FOX (Fringe, Do Not Disturb, and the midseason replacement Dollhouse) for being diverse also...


Haaz Sleiman is gorgeous. I just knew he was Arabic when I saw him in 'The Ski Trip', which, truth be told, was a gawd awful film. I'm looking forward to more 'versatile' performances from Haaz.


"I'm looking forward to more 'versatile' performances from Haaz."

You aren't the only one!

Simply Saying

I am really looking forward to seeing a gay arab man portrayed on television again.

However....Rod, do you know Haaz personally? To say that he will "play" gay implies you know something about his personal life. And if you don't, well, it seems a little disrespectful to Haaz's profession as an actor - and to acting in general - to insinuate that one's sexuality has any real bearing on someone's ability to convincingly play a fictional character. '

I know I know, this is your personal blog and so you are more than entitled to post your own opinion and thoughts....

SIMPLY SAYING Actors "play" or "portray" characters. I never said anything about Sleiman's sexuality or acting abilities. RM


I had the pleasure of seeing The Visitor with Haaz in it. I must say this guy can light up the room with his smile. It was a really good movie overall. I will say that Sleeper Cell 2 had a Gay Muslim in it. there were several sex scenes in it. I was even shocked by the story line. But back to Haaz...glad he is doing his thing...it is his time.

Henry TW

Let's get to the REAL story.

Haaz is not very straight.


"SIMPLY SAYING Actors "play" or "portray" characters."

I agree with you. But I didn't read the title the same way?

Otherwise, it seems like gossip reporting.

Carl CS

DA, fer crying out loud, this is a gay blog talking about an actor who has 'played' gay in several movies and now a television show. You do the math. If you don't have a sense of humor, maybe you should read the Wall Street Journal. Actually, they even have more humor than you and your fellow pearl-clutchers. Grow. Up.

Mad Professah

I don't really care if he's gay or straight...

I will enjoy watching him...I'm hoping for some shirtless (or more!) scenes..heh heh

Glad I switched my premium cable from HBO to Showtime--but I'm not feeling "Weeds" or "Dexter" at all.

Simply Speaking (again, some more)

@ Rod: Ok, so I misinterpreted your post then...so the speech marks around "play" were for emphasis, then? To make sure the casual reader understood that Haaz will be _acting_ as a gay character? My mistake.

@ Carl CS: You can call Da and I pearl clutchers if you like, but I still stand by my original point (convoluted though it may be): that by making insinuations about an actor's (or anyones') sexuality based on the roles they play does more damage to the gay community than good, because if we go around with the mindset that "playing" gay = being gay, then how can we expect real progress.
BUT, as Rod himself has indicated, this is not what he meant when he wrote "play", so I guess I was wrong in this instance.....

Carl CS

Yes, you were wrong sweety, so get over it.

Btw, one question, are you a woman? Or are you a gay from a small town? Because I saw Haaz many times in town during his 'Ski Trip' days. There was not a doubt in mind about where he puts his falafel. I'm just sayin' ...

Simply Speaking (again, some more)

I'm a gay man in Europe, actually.
Glad you had the pleasure of seeing Haaz in person.


Carl S, and you attacked my post (or me) why exactly?..

Unless you're clinically dim, you would have noticed I came from a centrist point of view - yeah, did you noticed?

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