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07 July 2008



LL Cool J looks better and better every year. The hip-hop blogs and ghetto blogs constantly accuse him of having plastic surgery. Sorry, some people just know how to stay in shape.


LL is an inspiration. He is 40 years old and fabulous, looking much better than almost all the men half his age. I'm actually following his lead and re-dedicating myself to fitness. You know gay men in our 30s, it's all about the gym. Gawd, Mr. Smith is a stunna.

Michael RS

The hip hop and gossip blogs are frequented by haters. Those blogs live to talk about anybody and especially any celebrity. LL looks great, a little too pumped up for my tastes, I prefer the old chubby cheeks LL, but he ain't bad. I am so glad to see that 23 years after he came on the scene LL is still the man.

Henry TW

I love LL. Love him, love him, love him. It's very telling that not only has he managed to stay at the 'top' of his game for almost a quarter century, but, he looks better than ever while the tweenyboppers and 20 something are the ones looking busted. Keep it up, LL.

A. Ronald

Michael, that is an interesting observation about the hip hop and gossip blogs.

There was another thread on this blog last week on the body fascism, if you will, and as a rule heterosexual women are much less body-obsessed than gay men. Which is why their preferences and idols trend to be more boy next doorish. I don't know if LL is more or less popular now, but, he certainly gets much more attention because of his body. It seems older women and the gays are in love with him, and younger women and men are very 'meh.'


The gays love LL because not only is he a gorgeous man, but, he is not a hater and appreciates the compliments. Oh, there are few stories to go along with that, but, I'm not one to gossip.


A. Ronald, good call. The white t-shirt boys do not like LL and it is for a very good reason. They are jealous.


Not really feeling LL since he did whatever he did to his face. I used to like his face and his body now since he did something to it (that ain't just him getting older) I can't be down. Still has a great body though.

malik m.l. williams

first, you are evil for posting these full-size images. second, god bless you for posting these full-size images.

ll is permanently on my list...


The loud thump you hear is me falling off my chair and having seizures...Oh did I mention I LOVE him? Yeah? Okay...


"40-year-old raper" - that's hot.

Jeff Hobbs aka JackEbrown

This is my video from LL Cool J's concert that his people invited me to here in Seattle. They had me stand up front in front of a speaker so he would see me. I was told no matter who pushed me not to let them move me. I'm a big boy. no problem with that!LOL so heres the video. you'll see about the 6:23 mark he throws me a towel as i start to capture. i went crazy. almost gave me a heart attack. lol check it out...

and he loves my headsprung video that made me a viral video star. you've probably seen it...


Jeff Hobbs

what i forgot to say was he loves big women. there were skinny chicks up there. he paid no attention to them. the bbws he was all over them. huggin, kissin etc. and as far as throwign me that towel he could be a chubby chaser too. heeeeeeeeeeey!! lol that totally proves hes gay friendly that he would give a guy a towel right? :)

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