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23 July 2008



Madonna is an aging has-been. Violent mood swings and erratic behavior are not signs of stress. That's called menopause, honey.


Madonna is a true trooper. This shall too will pass!

Xavier Greene



I'm always impressed by Madonna. I feel she is going to come out of this one just fine.


I love her and I think she'll be fine in the end.

It's a sad situation ... but I think it's a dose of medicine that the white queens who follow her need. They trash Janet and stop short of calling her a N**** B****, but at least she's not breaking up folks' marriages.


All people are "aging." Madonna is one of the greatest living entertainers.


"All people are "aging." Madonna is one of the greatest living entertainers."

Yes, and some of us are aging musch faster than others. But at least you said 'entertainer' and not 'singer.'


Some of you need to get over your hatred and jealousy. Madonna is an icon. Period. We love her and she is here to stay. Deal with it.


Where are all of these haters coming from?

Confessions on a Dance Floor was an international event. The album sold over 3 million copies in its first week of release in Europe and sold over 8 million copies worldwide. Madge still has her touch. And that no-account, n'er do well brother of hers will soon regret his disloyalty. Bitter old queen.


I'm with 'Me.' I love Madge and think she is fierce but it is time she had a dose of reality. She has screwed over many people and used many others for publicity, like Sandra Bernhard and Ingrid Casares to establish her gay credentials, and, she clearly has no use for the gays anymore. I love her to pieces but she is an messy. Oh, and you know she loves Latino trade and went after A-Rod.


Why does this photo of her make her look just like Hillary Clinton campaigning?


Speaking of her brother ... has anybody read the book? I read and excerpt online and he really did put her on blast. I hate to think of what the rest of it is like.

As far as people 'hating' ... I don't think people are hating. As I said before in another post - and I love the chick, have all of her records and have been to two of her amazing shows - the crap she's doing is cute when you are a 30-year-old wearing cone bras and dating Warren Beatty. When you're a mother of three, married and 50 (her bday is one day after mine!) it's not a good look and people take it a lot differently. I think before she was seen as a rebellious champion of female sexuality, now she just comes off as trifling.

But, like I said, it's Madonna. Teflon divas always rise above their drama. I'm not worried.


I'm one of the rare cases: a gay black man that is a true blue Madonna fan, mostly due to her excellent music barring her awful new LP.

However, it sad that this is happening. Hopefully things will iron out for her, and if it is true as far as the implications, maybe she'll learn to be a bit more cautious with her dalliances. Either way, as long as her next record picks up where "Confessions on a Dancefloor" left off and not "Hard Candy," I'll live.-QH


QH, you're not so rare, I'm a huge Madonna fan. The Peter Rauhofer/Club 69 remixes to tracks such as "Frozen" and "Nothing Really Matters" are dance music anthems. But the new album is awful, give me a follow-up to "Confessions on a Dance Floor and I'm happy.

Me, I read the book last week, the publishers sent an advance copy. It dishes plenty of dirt. I'm a Madonna fan, but, always knew how she got where she is today.


Why does one have to be a hater by not bowing at her altar?

She's a terrific entertainer, but she must realize she's not 20 anymore, and undertaking these massive world tours will take its toll. But then again, this story could be complete bs.


However...I do think that I agree with one comment. I'm also a HUGE JJ fan and I think her white gay fans who talk trash about JJ and other women of color performers do need this to shock them back to reality. So, while I am upset that Madonna is going through it, some of her fans could use the reality check.

As far the book, meh. I'm not into salaciousness. I like her musc, that's about it.-QH


What the hell has she done to her face? She looks like the star puppet from Madame's Place.


Personally, I think the term "hater" is overused and tired, quite frankly.

People tend to toss it around as a response to somebody who does not agree with their particular opinion, and they perhaps don't have a more effective method of proving a point. And where's the hate here anyway? That said, a good friend of mine had a cute response to somebody who was trying to read him:

"My haters are my motivators". Snap. :-)

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