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28 July 2008



Now this is an outrage.


This is sacrilegious and outrageous However, it is not to be unexpected, given the American Idol-like media frenzy over Obama. A German newspaper published a 'report' from a 'reporter' that described his shirt as smelling like 'fabric softener.' I don't think this is news, but, people seem to demand more and more inconsequential details about Obama.


Was money offered to the seminary student to steal the note? And do rabbis ever read the notes that are left in the wall?


Oh my ...

A. Ronald

No, the notes are never read and absolutely never published. This is a first and a new low, even for the post.


There was no reason for a prayer note to be revealed. What was written was between Obama and God. I'm not the biggest fan of Obama but this clearly went over the line. Even a presidential candidate deserves a moment of privacy with his or her God.

This has absolutely nothing to do with energy costs, housing or jobs.


Personally, I'm not a very religious person but obviously many people are. Obama's prayer note should be treated the same as any other person who visits the wall. We are all equal in the eyes of God, if you believe in him. I am very disgusted by this media culture.


Rod, I'm surprised you are falling for this. You of all people have criticized the "daily outrage" surrounding the Obama campaign.

This sounds like a publicity stunt. I wouldn't be surprised if the Obama campaign leaked this to the Israeli media or copied Obama's prayer note. "Poor Obama. He can't even pray in peace. See how everyone invades his privacy. Bwahaaa."


As a Pastor, this is the vilest thing I have ever heard.

I appreciate what Travis is suggesting, but in culture that goes through trash and publishes photos from rooftops and trees, I don't think it's a stunt. The Post has hit LOW LOWS before. This is just the new lowest. They are saying WE DIDN'T STEAL IT...WE JUST PUBLISHED IT BECAUSE IT CAME TO US. "Not responsible for the action, but taking advantage of it" is the way that they have handled many vile things that have "come their way." The post is toilet paper at best and this proves that they have no concern for anything. WOW....Just when you thought the elevator had hit the LL, the Post unveiled a lower below that!


Travis, you took the words right out of my mouth. More manufactured outrage, more sympathy for The One.

Greg G

Thank you Rev Kev!

While I have had my share of criticisms of the Obama campaign, I would never ever suggest they planted this story. That is ridiculous. I take Obama at his word about his faith and do not believe ANYONE would share a prayer note. This was a simple, serene prayer and it was violated by the sleazy Murdoch and FOX News.


...why would someone from Obama's campaign leak his note leaving it up to the media to exploit it and analyze it the way they do every other aspect of his life?
That doesn't make sense.


I don't think Obama leaked this note but I do think most people in the public will think the NY Post was wrong to post the note.

Rod Mc

Travis and NN, not only is your suggestion nonsensical, but, it's alarming you choose to cite the New York Post as a trusted source. They are not.

The Post was only too eager to help Giuliani smear victims of police violence, leak juvenile records of the Central Park joggers, among many other cases. As Rev Kev says, the paper is a fishwrapper.


I stand by my words. I put nothing past the publicity juggernaut of the Obamamedia.

A, Ronald

There is absolutely no reason for the Obama campaign to push this story. You are delusional. This is typical yellow journalism practiced by the post.


Sorry, but he should not have put the prayer in the wall.

He's running a highly publicized presidential campaign, and at that position, even his private prayer are indeed fair game for publishing by the press.


One of the quoted "Handwriting Experts" is Michelle Dresbold. I found the information below on another site.

On top of that, Dresbold is Jewish. Shame on her for analyzing the 'Prayer note" She should know better. It's appears she will steal and walk over the ethical lines of decency just to see her name in the paper. What an opportunist!


Michelle Dresbold stole a Handwriting Expert's analysis of the JonBenet Ramsey Ransom Note and published it in her book. She appeared on National TV (Bill O'Reilly for one) and radio claiming it was her work.

Eventually Dresbold and her publisher, Simon and Schuster were sued.

If you are going to plagiarize, don’t do it with a famous subject matter and don’t go advertising it on National TV and radio, or on the front cover of your book. Common sense, ya’ think?

Story link to copyright infringement lawsuit:


Side note: Dresbold’s coauthor's last job was at Random House Books. He was an editor. His job? When a Random House author wanted to use specific graphics/photos/images, he would find the owner of the image, ask permission for use, then pay the owner a licensing fee. How ironic!

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