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22 July 2008


Paul W

Well, for those of you who would like to hear more about Obama's faith, being a 'committed Christian' and all that ... here is yet another opportunity.

A. Ronald

I've had enough, thanks. I'm looking forward to when Obama will campaign or talk about Democratic positions, like the economy, health care, expanding voters' rights, etc. So far, he is basically aping George W's 2000 campaign.


Luther makes a very good point. McCain lost the goodwill he had among Democrats because in 2000 he said no to Falwell, Roberttson and the religious right. That didn't work this time around and while McCain hasn't had his come to Jesus moment, it doesn't seem far away. Meanwhile, Obama continues pandering to the white evangelicals, hoping to take some votes from McCain.

I'm still going to vote for Obama, I'm just becoming more disappointed every day. Obama and the so-called 'new' Democrats are essentially a more conservative Democratic Party. Not what we were promised at all.


i wonder if obama ever read the "The Mis-Education of the Negro". At this point it is obvious that its his personal goal to become president at any cost. Hopefully the obamabots will see this and vote accordingly.


Blkbandit, by now, I think we all see Obama will say or do anything to win. The tragedy is the Obama campaign and the Obamabots built an entire primary and smear campaign around this in the primaries. Now, every time he flip flops or reverses positions, the Obamabots applaud his decisions.

There is no point in criticizing Pastor Rick Warren anymore. He is meeting with Obama so he can't be all that bad ... right?


Luther, I agree with much of what you said about choices. I was a Hillary supporter in the primaries and will vote for Obama in the primaries. Reluctantly, I might add, because I was looking for strong contrast, not a Democrat afraid to take on the Republicans. Now, we have a "Democrat" who runs from the Democratic brand.

However, I'm confused by part of your response and many of the things you have said on this blog. During the primaries, and correct me if I'm wrong, were you not one of the more vocal Hillary critics here? Also, I'm not sure how she "represents few things" you "care about." If that were the case and she were the nominee, then you should not vote for her. But if that is the case, then so many Obama supporters should stop staying Clinton and Obama have "virtually identical positions" on the issues. And you should not say you would vote for her.

I'm just assuming some of the "things you care about" include allowing the government to spy without a warrant, expanding faith-based initiatives that discriminate against gays, and changing positions on Iraq. Otherwise you were being sarcastic or were not telling the truth, because Clinton has been firm on those issues and Obama has not. Sadly, the argument for Obama's candidacy has gone from "transformative" or "better judgment" to ... "he's better than McCain." So yes, his campaign is now truly a lesser of two evils argument.


I have to admit I skipped over some of the comments but there is a lot of negative reaction to Obama going from what I skimmed through.

I dont see a problem with Obama going if he stays on point. If he starts pandering and flip flopping just to get some votes, then I can see where people would get upset. But if he attends and tells people a consistent message of what he believes in and what he supports and why, then I dont see the problem.

Some people have a very narrow, prejudiced view of things and if Obama can help change those views positively, then I'm all for it.

I'll give him the benefit of the doubt and see what message he puts out there

Derrick from Philly

Barack Obama's Campaign has decided that they've got to go for votes in places where Democrats rarely go. I may not care for those voters, but I'm not that important--Obama's election is.

As far as flipflopping-- the Obama Campaign looked at the polls: the American people want survelliance to fight terrorism (and Obama's smart enough to know that the courts will decide that issue). The war in Iraq? Any president who doesn't listen to what his generals say is a stupid as George W. Bush. And now the Iraqis support Barack's 16 month withdrawal plan, but the Iraqis must work to make that plan a reality--they have to help make sense of the mess that the American government created for them.

Barack Obama is a great thinker. John McCain is not a great thinker. Barack Obama is able to move people to believe in a brighter future for this country. John McCain is boring.

Finally, there are the four major reasons to vote for Barack Obama and the Democratic Party this year: Roberts, Alito, Scalia & Thomas.

Any gay person that votes Republican should be arrested and sent to jail in the depths of Mississippi... for committing sodomy. And Roberts, Alito, Scalia and two McCain appointees would uphold that sentence. Clarence Thomas may think about his Long Dong Silver days and go with the other side.


Okay, Luther, since we're having a conversation now, let's not go down "what would Hillary do" road. That was grossly unfair and a typical primary tactic. Leave Clinton out of this because you don't know what she would do. Let's stick to Obama. OBAMA changed his position on surveillance, faith based initiatives, handguns, death penalty ... who knows what is next. If he is flip flopping now, he will flip flop when he gets to the WH. We have absolutely no reason to believe otherwise.

Derrick, sorry, but you're also wrong. The POLLS all showed a majority of Americans are AGAINST warrantless urveillance. That is exactly why so many people were opposed to the DEMOCRATS supporting the Republicans and the BUSH Administration. But if you're going to cite POLLS as a reason to take a position, then as black GAY men, we're going to lose a lot of the things we are trying to fight for. Because I'm sure the Republicns and many Democrats have lots of POLLS on gay rights.

I thought the Obama candidacy was not supposed to be 'calculating' or use polls to take positions. Because if that's what many of you are endorsing now, then everything you said in the primaries was all a lie, so, now, saying or doing anything to win is OKAY. I can support Obama, and will probably vote for him, but it would be a helluva lot easier if someone on this blog besides Rod can simply say, 'I'm supporting Obama but this is a bad idea, he's pandering to the right wing and I'm concerned.' I'm not going to rationalize bad positions.

BTW, Derrick, Obama publicly came out for Roberts before he was talked out of it. He used to blog at DailyKos and argued that liberals should give Roberts a chance. Look it up. I guess the polls showed it would be difficult for him to win the primary with that vote.

Derrick from Philly


thanks for correcting me on the polls (survelliance), but remember: I didn't drink the KoolAid. In December, I said both Obama and Clinton were wasting the Democratic Party's chances for victory in 2008. When they were the only viable choices, I went for Obama. He is the Democractic nominee. The only thing that is important for this loyal Democrat is what happens betweeen now and November 4.

I don't want no saint for president, TREY.

Greg G

Trey is right about the polls and surveillance but wrong to single out Derrick from Philly, who came late to supporting Obama and is not a Kool Aid drinker. He's passionate but realistic.

We were on different sides during the primary but that is all behind us now. I'm casting my vote for Obama. I don't like him running as 'pastor in chief' and am sure this will continue. I'm going to support him but am going to watch what he promises and to whom.

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