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24 July 2008



Country queen is the perfect description. What is it with these LA industry queens?


Last night's challenge was very interesting. I think Wesley was cute but out of his element. Surprising that Suede won, was thinking biker chick Stella or Kenley would take it. Oh and Jerry is clearly very, very basic.

A very diverse cast but very boring. Not very inspiring.


I must be like the only gay dude on earth who does not like this show. The judges - especially Heidi Klum! - and contestants are so obnoxious I can't even make it through one episode. My friend made me watch one where they had to go to some grocery store and pick up items to make outfits, and they - including this black boy - were a little too extra for me. (That black chick's yellow dress with the veggies was hot though.) i have to pass on the fashionistas and the egos ... it's too much.


you are not alone me. this show fell off my radar a long time ago.

Carl CS



I missed last night's episode, but I am living for K.O.R.T.O. That African Goddess killed it with that Gristedes Challenge!

I am worn out by the tiredness of the queens who come on the show trying to come up with THE CATCH PHRASE (read CHRISTIAN) and it's just silly and so stereotypical.

Great idea that needs a good resuscitation!



Rev Kev is right and what is sooo funny is that Christian actually was credited for popularizing FIERCE. The black and Puerto Rican queens ave been snaping FIERCE since the 70s. Culture vultures.


Jerell comes across as a snow queen. Meh.


This show has evolved the same way that The Real World did on MTV. Each season new contestants, having watched the previous seasons, come in "playing" an expected role. Instead of just being themselves, they feel they have to be the bitchy queen or the edgy outsider or the aloof snob or the overly emotional one, etc., etc., etc. Same characters from one season to the next. And most of them we'll never hear from again.


i was so mad when he did not choose one of the black models, and of course one black model got sent home, im not feeling him at all he is all too typical fag, and he should not be trying to read the other designers either, i love the other too black sista's and i like the white girl that won the challenge last week


Not a fan of the show either, nor ANTM. It seems that once you've watched a couple of seasons, you've seen it all. And the talents and challenges repeat themselves.

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