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28 July 2008



I love the Saro Harvey store. He is truly inspirational. And kudos to your roving reporter who was able to take the pictures and notes. Thanks Bill and Rod.


I agree. Saro's story is inspirational. I wish all gay people had his courage, including me.

Thanks Bill and Rod!

Christopher O

This is wonderful news! Saro Harvey's story is truly inspirational. At this time when images of black gay men are few and far between, the Washington Post chose to do some decent reporting and discovered a jewel. I wish I could have attended.

A, Ronald

JT, you're not the only one who wishes they had this type of courage. I didn't come out until my 30s. I wish I had been out of the closet earlier and enjoyed my life to its fullest. Good luck to him and his family and bless his mother for being so understanding.


What a gorgeous young man. And he appears very poised too. Major props to him.


I also noticed Saro's composure. He is a natural. This must have been an excellent evening. So much more informative than the CNN special.

Bill W

I'm a big supporter of PFLAG here in Chicago, having grown up in the 80s with PFLAG in the Bay Area. This panel discussion sounds absolutely spot-on and exactly the type of conversation we need to engage across the country. True, black families may be slower to accept same sex marriages and join the general gay rights movement, But we're all about family and black families have always been extended families. Excellent framing of the issue. It's about family.

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