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29 August 2008



This is why I keep my hopes and dreams in a box in the back of my closet. This is entirely up to white people now. If they decide not to vote for Obama because of this chick then it's a wrap.


I have to agree, it was a shrewd move on the part of the republicans. If she is attacked too harshly, the charge of sexism will come up. White women who needed an excuse to "not be able to support Obama" will be able to say that they are supporting a fellow woman. One thing is for certain, this will be an extremely close election.


I have to agree, it was a shrewd move on the part of the republicans. If she is attacked too harshly, the charge of sexism will come up. White women who needed an excuse to "not be able to support Obama" will be able to say that they are supporting a fellow woman. One thing is for certain, this will be an extremely close election.

Greg G

Very smart move by John Mccain. It's a blatant ploy for Clinton's voters, independent women ... hey it's not like the Democarts were listening or sensitive to ONE HALF of the party.

Mccain is saying, Look. I understand your concerns. We disagree on choice and other issues but I don't have a problem recognizing a woman can be in charge.

It's going to be tight.


Louis, you make a good point. Hillary attracted many Republican women voters and independents. Of those, many were going back to the GOP and many others were undecided. I think their vote was more pro-Hillary than against Obama.

But you are correct in that bashing Palin will give many of them an excuse not to vote for Obama. But they're already disgusted by the hate shown toward Hillary.

What to do? Maybe ignore Palin?


Women who are qualified for positions absolutely deserve it. I'm not justifying the sex reversal one bit, I'm saying both ways is sexist and wrong.
And sure, it's great to see a woman in the position of VP. Hillary deserved it, she's the one who has the experience to actually be competent in that role, she's the one who spent years in the White House and understand the position

Palin does not and at THIS point in her political career does not deserve the VP spot over the other choices whether they were men or women.

She was chosen because she was the best skirt available, and that is sexist.


If Obama is qualified to be President, and it's a big if, then Palin is certainly qualified to be VP. Not admitting that is just stupid!


Democrats no longer have the high ground from which to denounce sexism. Sorry, that dog won't hunt.

Rod Mc

"LAURA" aka LUTHER That is total BS to accuse me of trying to "spin" anything for John McCain. Especially a marginally qualified, conservative anti-gay VP choice that I attacked in several posts. And you damn well know McCain and the GOP have been slammed here almost daily for years.

Pathetic. Don't ever leave another comment on this site. LUTHER.


OMG. Was that Luther who just posted as Laura???? Wow. That was lame, yo. Rod never said to vote for McCain or Palin.

Some of you Clinton trolls are just too MFing much. Shame on you. Rod just banned some Republicans for calling Obama an offensive nicknanme. It's really pathetic to learn longtime posters are using fake names to act out multiple personalities. And the names of women at that.

A. Ronald

What happened? I missed it.


oooooooo....someone made Rod MAD! :)

i thought it was a smart choice. i dont know if it will turn out to be a GOOD one, but smart.

i think it's clear to MANY MANY people why he did it and it was not because she was the most deserving. it was about getting votes.

so be it. the Dems still have to come out and show why they are worthy of a person's vote. if they cant do that, then it's another 4 years of McBush.

i really feel right now the person Obama needs the most on his side is Hillary.

gonna be an interesting few months. i'm very very glad i'm not involved in politics.



Ms. Luther giving us "online faux drag realness" as Laura?

sheesh..don't yall know to post from DIFFERENT IP addresses/computers in your area?

Don't be shocked...i'm sure various OTHER posters who are critical of Rod are doing the same thing....

wow...not surprised but WOW nonetheless.

Palin is an inspired choice for McCain. And, I'm glad he made it...it makes the race interesting and this should be the battle to END all battles for the White House this year.

Obama-Biden better pull the Vaseline out, smear their faces, and pull their hair back (well, in biden's case, make sure them hairplugs stay in place! SNARK!) cause, the GOP is ready to battle.

I actually can't wait to see both parties go AT IT this fall.

this may be better than another tired year of HOUSE/Boston Legal/any NBC comedy on tv! LOL!

Miss Jackson If You're Nasty

What a blockhead. Who could possibly ever accuse Rod of trying to get anyone to vote for John McCain? The whole site is devoted to ripping the Repugnants a new one.

Palin was a good choice for McCain. Did you want him to choose Romney and win??? Palin was a good choice for McCain but McCain is a BAD CHOICE FOR AMERICA. Now taste that truth serum, girls. It's OBAMA-BIDEN 2008 all the way to the inauguration.

And baby boyfriend Rod, relax and don't let these crazy internet queens bother you. I have never seen a response like that from you. Who was this queen???


Ohhh Ryan, you know how to hit it home.

And to Luther, let me express my shock and dismay. I have read your comments here for years and enjoyed some of your commentary. What possessed you to go after Rod and suggest he wants people to vote for McCain or Palin? This blog is devoted to gay rights and trying to get a Democrat elected president. WTF have you ever done besides post bitchy blog entries under different names?

Palin was an inspired choice and illustrates the cynicism of McCain and the GOP. The fight is on.


Palin is no "moderate environmentalist" either. See the press release from Defenders, or this one from the Humane Society:

"Gov. Sarah Palin (R-Alaska) has denied the threats facing polar bears and has led her state's efforts to gun down wolves from airplanes and helicopters.

"...The Palin Administration has waged an all-out war on Alaska's predators to artificially boost the populations of moose and caribou for trophy hunters, and has tried to pass legislation making it easier for state officials to gun down wolves and bears from the sky.

"Last year, the state offered a $150 bounty as an incentive for pilots and aerial gunners to kill more wolves. And leading up to this week's statewide vote on Measure 2 to stop the aerial shooting of wolves and bears, Palin's Board of Game spent $400,000 of public money on brochures and radio ads to influence the election. She not only took an inhumane and unsporting position at odds with the principles of wildlife management and fair chase, but did it in an undemocratic and underhanded way.

"Gov. Palin also penned an op-ed in The New York Times earlier this year arguing that it was the "wrong move" to list the polar bear under the Endangered Species Act. Later, when the Bush Administration announced its listing of the polar bear as a threatened species, she filed a lawsuit seeking to reverse the decision.

Environmentalists fired back over Palin's lawsuit and said "her head-in-the- sand approach to global warming only helps oil companies, certainly not Alaska or the polar bear."

Rod Mc

Jarid, I moved your comments into the next post on Palin and the environment.



“online faux drag realness”

LOL! Is that like a category at a virtual ball?


I wish her the best, however, by picking political over substance, they've just placed the country at greater risk of appearing very weak. And in my opinion that counts for something.

We'll see how the coming months unfold.


*I meant "political ornament".


I actually like Mrs. Palin and I hope the democrats do not criticize her harshly. She is a loving mom and has a child with down syndrome. I hope the democrats take the high road and debate the ISSUES. If they do, they will win, if they stoop to unnecessary attacks then they lose.



You've done it again! You have been right on, so many times this election. Dems need to be careful about attacking Palin.


100% co-sign, Rod.

In fact, I had this very conversation with my mother last night. Black and male Obama supporters need to tread very carefully on this one as to avoid the appearance of sexism that will drive women to the polls in droves.

This pick was a solid tactical move.


Hmmmm...while your argument has much truth to it...I'm still left to ask,"who is this chick"? I know who she is, but all of the potential vp nominees have been in the election from the "get go" to bring someone in at this point in time is very risky. The American people need to get to know her and I just don't know if there is enough time to make this happen. Furthermore, when interviewed a female senator repeated over and over again, "I don't know much about her" ---that is not a good thing. And if John McCain thinks that putting a female on the ticket will insure unsure Hillary supporters to his camp,he has no respect for the American people and their values. People are not that naive to fall for this. Lastly, he's using her for the oil and that's just fd up! So I will critisize this old coot and his decision. He is no maverick. Just as Obama stated, it's not that McCain doesn't care about this country....he just doesn't get it. Leading a city/town or whatever the of 9,000 does not make you vp material.


I really don't see why she should be spared from attacks. Is she that fragile, or there are other reasons I'm not aware of..

Hillary wasn't spared and that did not elect her as far as I recall. Palin got in the ring and left her 4 month at home, it means she's ready to rumble. And as if she won't help herself!

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