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05 August 2008


Henry TW

These new ads are spectacular and can already be seen in some British media. Phillip is one of our nation's top sportsmen. He is an outstanding medalist and quite fit. Yummy.

Derrick from Philly

Beautiful! A celebration of the human form. ...doesn't mean other folks (slim or heavy) can't be beautiful, but still, this is a very artistic way to salute the work that goes into being a great athlete...but I'm sure they'd rather receive gold medals than get compliments about their magnificent bodies.


Oh my! Now that is both creative and very impressive.

S. Flemming

Very striking and creative. Nice!


The definition of his muscles is mind blowing!! Good to see that they're sorta going back to the original Olympics...The nakedness in ancient times must have turned the last "straight" Greek every bit gay!

Beauty Confessional

It looks like all the athletes are stripping down for the Olympics.

Amanda Beard- Playboy
Andrew Howe-Vanity fair Italy ( I posted this one on my blog)


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