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11 August 2008



Excuse me, but we need to be the ones thanking Mrs. Jones. She produced a beautiful and talented son.

Charles W

I'm very impressed with Cullen Jones. He is quite the talented sportsmen. His mother must be very proud, he will soon be on the Wheaties box.


I saw the commercial after the relay, and thought it was just wonderful. I hope the Gold assists in his efforts to bring more African Americans into swimming. Bravo Cullen! (and I agree with Gerald -- THANK YOU Mrs Jones!:)


great commercial. glad he got a shot at the gold. what a great race!


"...Because I'd spend hours and hours in the tub, playing in the bubbles with my action figures."

Cullen, I'm an action figure. Will you put me in your tub?


I worked with Cullen's mom for quite awile. After schoool, Cullen would wait for his mom in my office and play on my PC. After Debra (mom) got out of work, she would take him swimming. This went on for years!
He is a wonderful kid! Polite, well mannerd and very bright!!

Sonit Hontu

Congrats Cullen! Man, what a wonderful commercial! Mrs. Jones, you brought a great child into the world!

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