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29 August 2008



How in the hell is she going to appeal to gay and lesbian voters with an anti-gay record? Are gay repubs serious?!?

I'm trying to see the logic of this pick. For all McCain's criticism of Obama not having enough experience, he picks someone who's only been in office a couple years. And do we know of her foreign policy experience?

Was she picked because if Obama and especially Biden go after her, the repubs can claim the democrats are ganging up on this fine young woman. The party that wants women to be bare foot, pregnant, and bowing down to their husbands accusing someone else of sexist behavior. Next week is gonna be a trip.

Taylor Siluwé

Jack Cafferty said it best when he described McCain's choice for 2nd in command as a one term governor "of a state with 13 people and some caribou."

LMAO! Gotta luv Cafferty.

S. Flemming

It's a weird choice, but a choice that can't be underestimated. They are gonna give the Dems a run for their money, and I hope they are ready for it. This is gonna be a crazy few months.

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