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11 August 2008



Since McCain loves Lieberman so much, and since Obama loves Lieberman so much, I think they BOTH should choose him as their running mates.

There's nothing in the Constitution that says a man can't run for VP on both parties' tickets. And it would help bring the country together.

Derrick from Philly

LOL@ JIM's comment. You're absolutely right, JIM. It would bring the country together like crazy glue on a man's penis lips.

I am so sick of Lieberman--that tool for the Zionist lobby. And if I didn't love Barack so much, I would be sick of him trying to "bring everybody together". But then, I'm not running for president.

S. Flemming

I just can't figure this living, breathing political cartoon out. He bugs me to no end, ugh! Still, this may be a good thing for the Dems, because a lot of people aren't feeling Lieberman like that.


Is it just me or does McShame look like he's about to cop a feel in that photo?


Oh, please-please-please-please-please let it be Lieberman. No one is going to vote to hear that droning voice for the next four years.


Yes, Joe is trying to cop a feel. And Jim is on the money, since Obama and is trying to run this unity campaign, he might as well nominate Lieberman, too. Joe and Barry were very good friends once upon a time.

Charles W

Lieberman is an embarassment to Democrats. I hope the Republicans keep him, after this election we don't need him anymore for a Democratic majority.

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