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21 August 2008


Derrick from Philly

A few years from now, who shall hear the case (precipitated by Jindall's decision) when some brave gay person brings a discrimination suit against Louisiana before US Supreme Court? A court with 3 new McCain appointees? or a court with 3 new Obama appointees?


thanks for this post Rod. Derrick, i love what you said man. what a blow to the community down there. having McCain in office would be like having another Katrina-except it would leave a mark all over the nation this time.

Taylor Siluwé

... and McCain's standing there managing to look more and more evil by the second. At least Bush just looked dumb.


Republican politicans are strengthening their anti-gay positions in preparation for John McCain to become president. They want to be apart of his administration. We have to make sure that doesn't happen. Vote Obama.


74 days until the election. Please help DEFEAT Proposition 8 in California and Proposition 102 in Arizona. Please get the word out why Obama will be a better president than McCain. This election is too important to sit on the sidelines.



Now is the time to fight these beasts. We as a nation cannot withstand anymore of these hateful ignorant people.


Jindal is walking a tightrope here. He is not anti gay - this I know because I am a gay republican and we have been working legislation here with LCR and our Forum For Equality association. No gay people have been fired from his administration, nor is it likely any competent person will be. They have not been antagonistic to gays at all. He is tremendously intellectual and is strictly bottom line in his politics, and we are working to provide him with new information about gay people. Like so many, he has been fed lies aobut us all his life, and supported by his faith's position. Once he grasps the left-handed analogy, we think he will change his stance.

Down the road, when he decides to go onto the national scene, he will likely become president.

Taylor Siluwé


How can you say he's not anti-gay Ted when he's paving the way for discrimination against us in the work place?

Special privleges? Puh-leeze. Maybe he has been fed lies about us all his life, but you gay republicans coddling him like he's a cute but wayward toddler won't help him learn. Let the man know this position is unacceptable!

My god, gay republicans really need to grow a pair.


What is truly sad here is the fact this man was elected Gov. in a state that is 60 percent black. If one needed anymore proof that the priorities of black in regards to politics is off track look no further than the state of Louisiana. There is no excuse for a black not to have been elected by now.

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