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12 August 2008



Bulges are almost nonexistent in these new compression suits. The swimmers are much faster but show much less package. Thank gawd they train in speedsos.

Roberto S

I was wondering what was the story behind these new swimsuits. They are not as flattering as the basic Speedos and certainly do not show off as much. But if it helps him win ...


I read that Cullen Jones wasnt using the new LZR suit because he's sponsored by Nike, and not Speedo. He commented that it's the person who wakes up in the morning who wins the medal, and not the suit..

Rod Mc

Jake, the LA Times says just the opposite. Cullen is sponsored by Nike, which I reported two years ago, but Speedo is the official sponsor of the US Olympic Swim Team. Jones, Phelps, et al wear the LZR in Beijing. In the photos you can clearly see the Speedo and LZR design.


how about a story on Togo's Benjamin Boukpeti?


Rod Mc

Wow. Didn't know about him. I surely will. Thanks.


Why does in every shot Cullen appears to have no pee wee?

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