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30 August 2008



Today is my birthday. This is the second time in five years that my birthday present to New Orleans has been a terrible storm.

I have nothing against you, New Orleans. I left you years ago because I knew that if I stayed, I would probably be murdered in cold blood, as four of my friends were. But I have never forgotten you.

Today and for the second time this week, I called an old friend in New Orleans, to see how he was getting ready for the storm. When, again, he didn’t answer, I called a mutual friend of ours in Lake Charles. It turns out Nat died last week of liver failure. He had drunk himself to death, ever more fiercely since his neighborhood was hit by Katrina.

Nat, gay son of an impoverished, alcoholic, wife-abusing sharecropper from Halifax County, North Carolina, found his spiritual home and his liquid death in the City That Care Forgot.

Here’s to you, Nat. At least you won’t go through Katrina twice.


Sorry about your friend, Jim.


I recently went to New Orleans on a family vacation. Many of the areas of New Orleans had been rebuilt. Many areas had not. So, hopefully, Gustav won't do too much damage.


Well Jim, that's about the saddest story I've heard in a long time. Be careful brother. Birthdays can be depressing any way. Make sure you do something you enjoy with people you care about. I wish you well brother.


Thanks, freeleo. I had had a glass of wine when I posted that. I’m sure I would never have posted it otherwise. But the wine and the Gustav post made me tell my story, even if it was not appropriate for this blog. So sorry to get all depressing on ya.

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