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13 August 2008




*plans trip to Angola* :)

they're hot, but what I like about the olympic basketball games, male and female, is that the opposing teams are GIVING it to the US...

clearly, the us is dominant..but, the women's basketball team was getting trounced by mali earlier today and the recent wins on the men's side haven't been hideous (10-30 point losses aren't bad in retrospect)

so, im glad many of these teams are PLAYING, and are giving the US as much of a challenge as they can...


Ryan makes an excellent point. The basketball teams are playing their hearts out. The US and China are the top teams, but these other countries are giving us a run for our money.

And as an African man living in London, from Mozambique, let me add that I appreciate the coverage of African nations on this blog. Michael Phelps is a great athlete but he is not the messiah.

Taylor Siluwé

UMMMMM is right.

though i don't watch basketball. but i would if they brought back those vintage shorts. they coulda at least done that for the Olympics.

or have some special made NASA shorts, yeah, all shimmery and spandex like ... and say "Stop crying Kobe, if you wanna play in the Olympics you gotta wear these!"

Then I'd watch.


Angola is looking mighty fine to me.


when i lived in hotlanta in '96 there were sage stories of when the athletes had finished their competitions, especially the ones finished in the first week that the olympic village turns into one large pick up joint! It makes sense, they are young, at the peak of their physicality, and may never see each other for a long time, if ever... man how do i get the condom concession in that joint?


Thanks, Rod, for some handsome pictures of the less synthetic Olympians.

The real pleasure of living in a city with the Olympics (I lived in Atlanta in 1996, about five blocks from the Olympic Stadium) is all the people you would never otherwise get to meet from places like Angola. As a matter of fact, in 1996, I got to talking with members of the Angolan Olympic committee on an escalator at Lenox Mall.

And while the marquee events are only for the rich and well-connected, matches in sports like Greco-Roman wrestling and badminton are quite affordable for ordinary folks. And where else would you ever get to hear a Kazakh athlete screaming Kazakh encouragements at his fellow wrestler who would then go on to take his opponent down? Or see Indonesian fans cheering on their badminton champions, who are almost like rock stars back home?

Reggie H

My partner and I LOVE seeing the sports we don't get to see regularly on US TV. He's now turned into a badminton addict lord help me! On the other hand, he also wondered about what others have mentioned as well: those World-class hook-ups in the Olympic Village!

And thanks Rod for highlighting the Beauties of Color at the Olympics. Saw the Brazilian volleyball team this morning (ummmmm) and have been enjoying James Blake (who defeated Federer today!) on the tennis courts as well. Phelps-mania is starting to get to me...thank goodness for Track & Field next week!

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