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30 August 2008



Yes, yes, yes! GO USA!


He is hot but he does not look American. He looks Dominican or Puerto Rican. Perhaps they should have gone with the All American type like Michael Phelps? More people could identify with that.


LOL...and I thought Puerto rico was a part of the USA. I never realised that "All American" equals white like Michael Phelps. The guy above looks very all american to me.

Who knew


Ahh a break from political offense by our favorite right-wingers clowns!:) And some fine eye candy at that! Thanks Rod.


He looks American to me! We are a big melting pot and really truly who is fully blooded American except the indians?


he's hot...

GWM: you're lame. You have to be yet another one of the many aliases popping up at Rod's site..

its probably some random black queen mad at rod for not profiling white boys here so he's (the alias) is giving us "cultured multicultural white boy realness with pseudo backdoor porch monkey effect in remixed blackness" or something to that effect....

but the boy is hot..and i agree with the poster that he looks american to me also and he fits as a model in the ad. American is QUITE multicultural and ads should reflect the GROWING diversity in this country...

but, im still waiting to see a Native model--male of female--rocking a GAP ad

Guess Who

"The boy is hot. American is QUITE multicultural."

Oh snap. MISS RYAN is giving us IVY LEAGUE realness and sociology 101. Catch the fever, toots!

Of course the LIGHT SKINNED MIXED BOY is HOT N MULTICULTURAL. Who does he remind you of???Hmm. Those Mugler papis and body boys on MySpace and at A4A you always sweat!!!

I'll be glad whe n you give the chocolate brothaz some props. Catch ya lata, sugah@! Muah!


Guess Who:


Miss me? Love how you make an "appearance" on the boards every time I post...


Do tell, toots. do tell...

but do tell, ms. thang, who are the mugler boys and papis i sweat..I mean, if you know me so well..i mean, by all means, put my "tea" out there and spill it, gurl.

oh wait...that's right...you aren't really giving "realness" because you don't have any to give.

I mean, i love how you went through my myspace and facebook pages to tell me about all the mugler boys and papis i hit up...when i dont even know WHO is a mugler on myspace and couldn't even TELL you which ones I hit up..IF I ever did.

so, you haven't SERVED yet, TOOTS. come back when you, mkay TOOTS?

You know you love me (c) Gossip Girl


lol.. you guys are funny. i looked at the pic and saw my cousin billy. no we are not from p.r. or d.r. brothers come on and quit this. to quote frankie beverly and maze, "we are one."


I cosign brotha Freeleo. Black men are beautiful and all colors and complexions. It is sooo beautiful, I love it.

Guess Who

Sugah, you DONT know me. You just THINK you know me.

Now please go send a few IMs to ANTOINE Miyake-Mugler and KAGE MUGLER. Or the Puerto Rican Mugler boys at HUNTER COLLEGE. Sound familiar?

I served it, now EAT IT, Betty!

Guess Who

Oh, and of course YOU watch GOSSIP GIRL. Go figure.


i'll ignore the comments above and just say YES! i love the eyes. thanks Rod


I'm with ya FF and will stay out of that fight.

This is a hot phine man, love his look. Love it. Love our beautiful black and brown brothers.



I don't know anyone at Hunter College. sorry...

try again, TOOTS

Sonit Hontu

Snap! Puerto Rican (American territory) derivative here. Sling that fierce chatter pumpkins! Oh, it just takes me back.


What, exactly, does "American" look like?

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