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06 August 2008



Thanks, Rod (and to Lou Chibbaro Jr. of the Blade and to James Credle of Newark), for helping to keep this story alive.

Derrick from Philly

I just got finished "reading" white racists on another blog, now I've come here to use some of the same arguments about black homophobia as that white racist. Black folks are more worried about their murdered children being labeled "gay" than they are about finding the murderers and getting a heavier sentence throught the hate crimes law. As I told the white racist: when all you've got is your "manhood" to make you feel like somebody in this world, you will let misogyny dictate your feelings about gay men...the belief that they're not real men, or some (like moi) don't a flyin' f,,,, about being "a real man."

"My son wasn't no faggot!"

Then why were he and his friends going to Gay Pride in Manhattan later that morning?...if they hadn't been lynched.

Lord, help us.

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