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19 August 2008



Rod, you ain't never lied. I LOVE TRACK AND FIELD. These men are offdahook, I LOVE EM.


Lawd have mercy. I saw Walter Dix on the screen and thought, isn't life grand? That man is bulging everywhere, goodness. And he is as fast as a rocket ... but hopefully not in bed.

Jose S

Thank you, thank you, thank you for that overhead shot of Walter. As someone said in a previous thread, that azz should have its own area code. Whew.


All of these track stars are gorgeous. Walter Dix, Asafa Powell, Tyson Gay, Angelo Taylor, and Lashawn Meritt. Mmmmm.

atl kid

Yes, yes, yes. Walter Dix is a phine, phine young brotha and an incredibly gifted athlete. Those little track suits leave little to the imagination. Those Chelsea queens can fall in love with Michael Phelps, give me Walter Dix and Lashawn Merritt any day.


I'm in love.

A. Ronald

You're in love? I've been in love with Walter Dix for weeks now. I wish him the best of luck in Beijing.


Ok I'm about to clown. Is it just me or are the track stars of today not as fine as the track stars were a few years back? lol.. Could just be me, but I didn't do much drooling while watching track and field this year. There use to be so much beauty that my eye didn't know where to focus.

Carl CS

Hmm, I dunno about that. Walter Dix and Travis Padgett are looking mighty fine to me.


Freeleo, who are you comparing them to? Tell us who you think was fine from yesteryear. IMHO all these track stars of today and yesterday are young gods.


I can't name names right off. I just seem to recall more gorgeous men. Not that these dudes are unattractive. I'll stop now...


Mmmph! I just got finished watching his 200m qualifying heat on tv. I think we should start a Walter Dix fan club. Whenever he runs, just chant, "We want Dix! We want Dix!"


Bernie, I'm surprised it took someone this long to make the obvious wordplay. Duh.


Sorry bernie and guys Walter Dix is fine but he is VERY VERY HETRO. One of my cousins went to FSU and says he had MORE girlfriends than anyone man ever had. Sorry look but don't touch Walter's DIX is all HETRO AND FOR DA LADIES. PEACE.


And since no one did, well, it was left to me! LOL.


Hey Rod, can we get some comment moderation over here? Who are these women who always feel the need to come up in here and presumably "set the homos straight".

Honey, we will lust after whomever the hell we feel like and we don't need your permission to do so.

As the good witch said in the Wizard of Oz, "You have no power here. Go away."


Umm... Would someone please explain to me why girls feel the need to come on this site to defend the heterosexuality of some men? It's so silly and unnecessary. Plus they can't prove it not matter how many women a man has sex with.


That is all fine well and good I was just doing a SEARCH on WALTER DIX and this page was near the top. I didn't know this was a gay blog but I'm sorry I most certainly can PROVE WALTER DIX is HETRO. MY COUSIN KNOWS WOMEN HE HAS BEEN WITH. Real women I might add because he is a REAL BLACK MAN. No offense so peace i'm OUT.


And no offense bernie but lust is all you can do when you look at WALTER'S DIX. I'm sorry boyfriend he just is not on the DL or Bi. Peace I'm out.


Okay Tanya, we get your point, sweety. Walter is "heterosexual" and please note the spelling of "hetero." No one said he wasn't. So please you are on a gay blog and it is not cool to come here to try to set us "straight." I think Walter, like most athletes, would appreciate the attention. He is a superb athlete and a gorgeous man.


lol.. poor dear. straight women really don't understand men at all. it's one reason they have so many problems in their relationships and the divorce rate is so high. we sgl brothers could teach them so much if only they didn't hold us in such disdain. oh well, it's their lose as well as the black community.

Rod Mc

Tanya, this is a gay blog, do not come here to insult and/or play hall monitor. You're banned.

Sorry guys, some of our Google rankings are high and the that inevitably attracts some of the fanatics. Carry on.


now rod, you know if she had kept it up, we would have eventually torn her a new ass.


I'm not going to suggest Walter Dix is gay. I don't know Dix (not Walter's anyway). But as one who ran track in my youth, I do know it has always been a sport with a higher than average percentage of gay athletes. It's a solo sport that doesn't have the same team dynamics that say football or basketball have, and thus gay kids feel less scrutinized.

Anyone who thinks it isn't fair to speculate about the sexual orientation of certain trackmen should ask themselves why the Penn Relays and Philadelphia's Black Gay Pride always occur around the same time each year. Coincidence? I think not.


ok i see one now... DAVID OLIVER!! lawd jesus!!

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