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08 September 2008



That's wassup! I hope Bow Wow does drop his trousers and show his stuff. I want to see what made Omarion so whipped.

Barry S

Oh Rod, we missed you, we missed you! From football to fashion to politicss and right-wing fundies in one day. And now we are back to Bow Wow.

I want to see this series. Entourage was very clever and unfortunately became very self aware. It will become intriguing to see how they handle Bow Wow's character. And I want to see whatever he is showing. Probably his lil bubble butt.


Yea, I don't think Entourage would do a male full frontal. The most Bow Wow could show is his lil bubble or cover his LITTLE front with his hands.


This I cannot wait to see. I want to see is Bow Wow all grown up.

Bow Wow Fan

Shad Moss is GROWN and nothing is LITTLE.

DONT WORRY ABOUt HIS stuff or his BUTT. It is all good but sorry gays, he is STRICTLY CLITLY. Shad said he was worried how "the girls" would react. Not my "fellas" but the "girls."

Too bad, so sad.

Alvin Baxter

Sorry, Bow Wow fan gurl, Shad and Omarion are too close for comfort. What type of a straight man talks about another man's ass and tight jeans?

And when Bow Wow said "the girls', heck, he could jhave meant the "girls" as in the gays. How you doin'???


Bow Wow Fan: HAY Veronica, Shante, Afrodheisa, Shavonda and all you str8 gurls who post under aliases defending them "STR8" mens from us gheys...HOW YOU DOIN? AWWWWW! LOL!

Sorry, but Shad/Bow Wow would have to drop trou and get that bubble BANGED OUT for me to care..

He was SO wack and one dimensional on Entourage (a SERIOUSLY OVERRATED comedy, imho--Flight Of The Concords, and It's Always Sunny In Phildelphia {F/X} SO snatch Entourage in terms of comic timing, overall writing, and acting) that I wouldn't even care if he was walking around naked in a scene with dildo up his azz, begging for Omarion to "finish" him off with the real thing..or, "THANG", in their respective cases. Figure THAT one out,kiddies!

Samuel I

Ryan, that sounds kind of hot!

Bow Wow Fan


SHAD MOSS would never show his BUTT on CAMERAm, most men (except the gays) are very BUTT SHY. They don't even let us wo men touch back there. And wtf would Shad do with a dildo?????? He is WORKING WITH PLENTY.

This site is crazy. Omarion is not GAY either, the rumors are by HATERS.

I am so sick of DL brothaz on blogs talkingt about Shad's talent, skills and BUTT.l leave them all alone, he is strictly clitly@!


Bow Wow Fan: stereotypes are wack, no?

since you don't KNOW every Black man, you can't speak for him...Tabeaka or whatever your name is once you take your meds..

Bow Wow IS getting naked for a film role..so does that mean he is "shy" as you put it?

Didn't think so...quit faking the FUNK, Alize Jenkins/Merlot Jones, etc. BOW WOW IS GHEY


Bow Wow doesn't remember the name of the girl because he was thinking about Omarion, okay!

Guess Who

Bow Wow Fan, please accept my apologies. No shade, but not all gay men are as single-minded as Ryan and some others here.

Many of us can appreciate Bow Wow seriously trying to make it as an actor. He may become the Mark Wahlberg of young black Hollywood.

Muah! No shade, baby Ry Ry, no shade!

Greg G

>>>Many of us can appreciate Bow Wow seriously trying to make it as an actor. He may become the Mark Wahlberg of young black Hollywood.

That is the most ridiculous statement I have ever read. Surely you're claiming a pint sized rapper who calls himself "Bow Wow" wants to become a serious actor?

You must be one of those ballroom queens trying to stir the pot.

S. Flemming

He's a little small for my taste ...

Tim L

Exactly. He is entirely too small for my tatses. In the Flaunt spread, the even the clothes look large.

Taylor Siluwé

This thread is a HOOT.

But I'm always interested in the goings on of Lil' uhm ... Shad. Anyway, I wish him the best.

And I happen to love Entourage -- and as long as Lil Shad remains easy on the eyes, I'll be on the lookout for him.

Carter G

Taylor, you ain't never lied. Bow Wow is hot and very easy on the eyes. But these children are clowning up in here, up in here.

I want to see whatever Bow Wow is showing.

Bow Wow Fan

His name is SHAD MOSS and he does NOT CALL HIMSELF BOW WOW. Okay?????

And he is just the right size. Sometimes BIG THINGs come in SMALLER PACKAGES. But you all will never find out, just look and enjoy from AFAR, NO TOUCHING, NO BOYS ALLOWED.


No boys allowed besides Omarion!

Give it a rest, gurl. You and SHAD are after the same thing.


Bow Wow looks good but he is bite sized. I need much more of a manwich, like Adrian Peterson.

Allen H

Rod, this story and the reaction is freakin' hilarious. I just wanted to say we're glad you're back and in great form. We miss our Rod 2.0.

Ryan Canty

C..i mean, Guess Who--honey, are you still reaching?

i mean, single minded, really? i mean you *KNOW* me so well...

nothing single minded about me..you on other hand, may need to question that with your..undenying love/obsession with me...

but, do you TOOTS..*shade*

Papi Chulo

Wow Rod ... where have you been? LOL


~Papi Chulo~

Mrs Shad Moss

This so called blog is bullcrap and Ryan, carter, willy need some help. Bow Wow fan need to step!

My husband is Shad Moss. I see you gays are after him. You will stay after him cause he is mine nikka and straight not into men anyways . But WTF is this bullcrap? You are talking about Shad's AZZ??????

Shad's booty is EXIT ONLY!!!!!!!!


Is that you Omarion?

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