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25 September 2008



Wow. The American military would probably court martial a Marine who was posing in Out or Instinct. The Brits gave a far superior attitude.


very hot but hotter without the tattoos


That is a beautiful. Be all you can be!

I bet the American generals would have a heart attack if one of their soldiers were so openly homoerotic.


If this young man is a British marine why would they allow him to pose in this magazine? Isn't it the English equivalent of Out?

Nick Powers



Care to elaborate Nick?

David McIntosh looks might good from here.


This man looks amazing his body is perfect. I wonder how much photoshop or air brushing did they do. Either way he looks great


He does look amazing! Our Gladiators need him on board! Now I do believe our Military would see this offensive but not necessary Gay. It would be not becoming of an soldier posing in such a manner. Now if another guy was in the photo then it could be interpret as an act. I do believe that is how it goes. Great eye again Rod!

Derrick from Phill

He's straight? Yeah, child, so were about 200 men I had in the 70s, early 80s(or did they have me) Then, I stopped...for a while.

Under the right circumstances aint no man all 100% hetero--not even them big-bellied, Bush ass-kissin', anti-human rights for gays, evangelical nigra and cracka pastors. You know, Sarah Palin kind of pastors.

Nick Powers

No. Just meh.


I'm fascinated by these black male actors and singers who routinely appear in the Brit gay mags. And take their shirts and pants off for the boys! Black male celebs almost never do that here, with the exception of Rockmond Dunbar and Jensen Atwood.

Great find Rod and keep up the international coverage. It's very obvious the USA is not as advanced as we pretend.


I'm with Nick. Another exotic muscleboy on Rod 2.0.



HOLY CRAP! It just keeps getting better and better.



Jose S

"Exotic muscleboy?" LOL
McIntosh is black and from Manchester. The city and the UK have a sizeable black population. It's not like he is black and from Finland or Brazilian or something.

There are more dimensions to being black than hood culture and Noah's Arc.


Thank Rod.... don't stop!

This 22 year old Tornado is beautiful!

He's my type.


i was thinking the same thing. the only thing exotic about this man is, well, nothing. he's just a beautiful black man from across the pond. some of yall should breathe.


For some of us older folk, it's still a little 'unusual' to see black people from 'white countries' like England (or that black gay activist in Poland Rod reported on a while back. Brazil, btw, wouldn't be as 'odd' since it has one of the largest African-descended populations outside the Mother Continent)

But we're catching up/catching on: Global Blackness! (and Global Phyneness! Oh, I love the Marines!:) See, THIS is what happens when you drop "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" -- military men want to start showing what they got to ev'body!!

Lang B.

Beautiful composition.
He is visually beautiful/appealing big difference from being internally beautiful though.
For crying out loud ROD is very diverse in his postings, what is wrong with people?

What does meh mean?

Is a America a Black country?


The picture weirdly looks like the penis was deliberately airbrushed out.

Very distracting.

The body is sitting. otherwise.


heres another hot pic
">http://img.photobucket.com/albums/1003/slh1982/fmforums/hn.jpg"> David naked in heat magazine

Check out that hot ass

he is hot but his girlfriend is a total airhead. She made racist comments about Shilpa Shetty on big brother andf now to show that shes not racist she only dates black guys. Classy!

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