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29 September 2008



Yea....this bailout is just
another way for Bush's administration to get money...
while we haven't even rebuilt
St. Louis....so yea....no
checks for anybody till we get a
new pres.....


You know what's interesting? Let's say congress does nothing about this financial mess and Obama becomes president. The economy will be in such a bad shape that no one will really be able to fix it (the bill for Bush's war will still have to be paid, the stock market will still be in the tank, unemployment will be high, more people will continue to lose their homes, there will not be enough surplus funding to provide health insurance for the millions of working poor, etc.). Even though he, president Obama, will not have created this mess, it will be close to impossible to fix, and as a consequence, he will be blamed for the then economic crisis and will not be re-elected for another term.

What do you think?

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