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25 September 2008


Peter H

LL was serving it. Looked like a million dollars. And of course Bravo didn't promote his being on the show. LL IS BLACK.


Korto ROCKED Suede's outfit. It was between her and Jerrell. I was sorry to see Suede go, tho. Kenley is too retro and a one trick pony. And silly.

LL is soooo luscious. I was upset he was wearing clothes.


LL is soooooo dam sexy. I was very pleased to see him on the show.


Rod, I was hoping you would have caught this. They just didn't show enough of LL. And there was absolutely no promotion whatseoever. How disappointing.


The show is boring now. Not even LL could save them. But agreed, Korto and Jerrell are quite strong contenders.

LL looks good now but I prefer him when he was beefy and a lil chubby.

Danny Rivera

PR5 is a snore.

Miss Jackson If You're Nasty

Children, get into Mr. James Todd Smith! LL is the bomb and always will be. I set my TiVo when I saw last week that he would be a guest judge.

Baby baby baby! Those lips! My hips!


Now that's a MAN.

LL is my idea of hotness.


I don't know how everyone missed it? I knew and had known for weeks the LL was going to be on the show. Can't remember where I heard it but I did know. I dont miss LL!!!!!


I don't know how everyone missed it? I knew and had known for weeks the LL was going to be on the show. Can't remember where I heard it but I did know. I dont miss LL!!!!!

S. Flemming

I can't wait to see him with Janet next month.


True, not his most flattering outfit. It's probably something from his Sears Collection. I'd still do him like some homework.



Man, we are so in sync!

KORTO is a fabulous and SO should have won the DVF challenge and even worked wonders from the beginning with her yellow tablecloth and tomato dress from the supermarket challenge! SHE MUST BE AT BRYANT PARK!

Jerrell was a write-off for me, but he has blossomed with the quickness! If he hadn't put that blue vest(ette) on Kenley's outfit, the POW impact would have put him in the final Two of that challenge.

AND MISS KENLEY IS A MONSTER AND MUST GO! She's disrespectful, rude, arrogant and ultimately, not as gifted as she thinks she is. She's a one-trick pony and that 50s are NOT that influential that they should be an undertone of EVERYTHING and her hip-hop heresy shows that she ain't got it!



As for LL Cool J, Lord have mercy do we need to say anything else. But what I am loving today about LL and how amazing he's looking at 40 and having just seen Teddy Riley in LA and he's looking AMAZING along with Dr. Dre and Timbaland who both are looking so sexy...40 IS A LAUNCH PAD FOR BLACK MEN! These brothers have motivated me to make sure that 45 is the year that I am in the shape of my life! WOW! LL reminds me that 40 on our skin, with good eating and good health, REALLY IS about 25 or so and LL makes me want to be my best self, seriously!


Phat Boy

Damn, I missed it. Guess I have to catch it youtube.


This season is good, even got the hubby watching. I definitely see Kotto at Bryant Park Lawd her skills are incredible.

Miss Kenley is hilarious since at every one on one 'she's won the challenge' only to get her face cracked.

I have no idea what's going to bring on that level of waterworks next week but I can't wait.

Oh and LL was quite articulate and fashion conscious I was impressed.


This is mos def going to be the Korto/Jerell/Leanne show at Bryant Park.

And I sincerely want to slap the taste out of Kenley's mouth. Who the F is she to question Tim? Is she serious??? She's like, 25, or something.

Honey, pliss!

LL was looking tasty down, though.

aaron the moor

lol...all i know is that ll cool j used the word "hot" while referring to another guy dressed in a punk outfit which he also thought was totally authentic.

lord of mercy, i never thought i would see the day when ll cool j would refer to another guy as hot...lol...

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