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08 September 2008


Tim L

This is a very nice post. Thanks for pointing this out.

Alvin Baxter

Oraine is very handsome, with or without the scar. It is very interesting that "Out" and "Vibe" retouched the scar but "Flaunt" and "Giant" did not. It doesn't see, to have a racial or economic angle, only style.


To be very honest, I've seen this model many times and never knew he had this facial scar. Wow. It's great that he gets so much work.

And please let me say Rod welcome back, you were missed and much needed.


Did he get the star before or after he started modeling? I've never seen it before.

Taylor Siluwé

Major kudos on this shoot!!! Finally a little reality seeps into the fashion pages. I love it.

and btw, that scar is SO sexy .....


He is very handsome but why is it that black people feel the need to represent realness in the fashion industry? Fashion is about fantasy. All that scar says is "black savage beauty" or "he's had a hard life but look at him model." Those images play into white stereotypes about blacks. I've seen a lot of flawless black men, both models and actors, that can't get work because they may over shadow their white counter part. I pass brothers on the streets from L.A. to Harlem that should be taking the fashion industry by storm but can't because the white world of fashion just can't take all that flawless beauty.


I was disappointed that there wasn't more Barrett in that "Out" spread. Great cover, but only one shot inside....wtf!?

Carter G

I agree with Reggie. The Out cover was very nice but I wanted more.

Brotha Freeleo, we may disagree. I am all for fantasy but sometimes want fashion to refelect reality. If for no other reason, seeing the scar reminds us all that no one is perfect and many of these models look like you or me. Just my thoughts.


I also did not know this model had a scar. I agree, it's very sexy. Oh and welcome back Rod, I hope your tech issues are solved!


another fine specimen

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