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30 September 2008


Derrick from Philly

Humph. I hope he has somebody to take care of his taxes and finances because he's not a great thinker.

Well, in any case, his irresponsible ass won't be singing at any inauguration balls...unless Oprah wants him.


Joesie Joe, I hope your music ends up in the $1.99 bin at K-Mart. Brotha, you are fortunate enough to have a platform and this is how you REPRESENT?!?



I can't believe someone could be so stupid and lazy about voting!

I was very excited when I was senior in High school to vote for the first time. My mom always went to vote. I guess I followed my mother.

Doesn't this negro realize their other things he is voting for besides presidency??? DAMN!

Life must be really good since he doesn't even pay attention.

C. Baptiste-Williams

what an idiot....

and i dont think popular would be the right words to describe joe


Just dumb as a rock, but hot shirt and pic thou.


I cannot believe that I actually went to highschool with this man. I must contact my highschool classmates and make sure they do not share his ignorance. UTTER FOOLISHNESS... WOW


very brave of him to say it out loud. there are many who feel that way. if we don't get enough people to talk about this and admit that they are not going to vote, then there is no way for them to realize that if everyone is working under this assumption and doesn't vote then obama can't win. REGISTER AND VOTE PEOPLE! if you don't, then YOU become the DREAM KILLER. YOU are responsible for DESTROYING HOPE. you will have to look at yourself very hard.

S. Flemming

He should be shot. I sent this story to everybody I know this morning when I first saw it.

Lang B.

I don;t think Joe should be SHOT (wow the choice of words people use).

I love Joe's music. Extremely shocked. One thing to admit you have never voted but to say you "didn't think you need to vote" based on the shenaningans going on in America? W :0 W






Taylor Siluwé

Boggles the mind.

File him away in that same idiot box with 50 cent and DMX.


What's wrong with not voting? I won't vote this election because I don't believe in Obama and Mccain is an automatic no. I won't vote for someone just to vote or complain nor will I vote because people fought hard for us as black people to vote. It turns me on when people have the audacity to get up in arms when you choose not to vote.


CAJIVA.... idiot

voting across the nations happens sometimes more than once in a year. When you go to vote for example in November, there will more than just Obama & McCain to choose from (Green Party, Independent, etc.) and you will have local issues to vote for.


We're placing you next to Joe.


Cajiva: It isn't like Joe isn't voting because he doesn't LIKE Obama or McCain. He isn't voting because he is an ignorant fool. No wonder Obama is having such a hard time in the polls, if all black folk that supposedly support Obama would vote he would win in a landslide. This is pure ignorance and laziness...




how can u make change happen if you do not vote. FYI there is no category "not voting" The not voting group does not have a candidate!
And yes you should vote because people fought for your right to vote. I dont see you insist on being a slave although people fought for you to end slavery. IDIOT!


Ok, I've thought about this a lil bit. You cannot force people to vote. It is their choice! That is what this nation is about right? having choices? I believe that you should at least be a registered voter. That shows a lil interest and respect to the history of blacks and voting.

Joe is a messed up dude and needs to show some appreciation for those that paved the way before him! Mary did it and so can he! lol

One Man's Opinion

It is sad to me when people don't excerise their right to vote. It is such a show of ignorance (my opinion). I remember how excited i was to get the chance to vote. Not because of the fact that my anciestor fought, bleed and died for the right, but just because it is my right as an American. When I think of all the people in the world who do not have such a right and how we piss on it, like it is this great chore.

Yet, we will vote on American Idol and other BS, that doesn't amount to a hill of beans.

Now, don't get me wrong, I am not one of those people who think that if you don't vote you have no right to complain. Hell, you can complain regardless. I just think it is sad that anyone would pass up the right to vote. Hell, if you told your ass you couldn't vote, you'd probably be breaking down the poll doors just to do it. Of course, once they told you you could vote again, you'd be pissing the right away. What the hell?


Okay, its official. I am totally NOT a Joe fan anymore


Well Joe was on Wendy Williams last week and he said he is now registered and will be voting next month. I didn't want to hate him. He's one of the more talented and dependable R&B artists we have.

J Matt

Wow, what a 10 watt light bulb we got here.

Absolutely Alabama! Of all peeps, I would have thought that he would have known better. Especially born in a state where folks literally DIED for the right to vote and to live in a democracy and culture free of racism and prejudice. But...I'm not surprised!

Lang B.

Thanks DLUV I can stomach his music again.


Just like I have the right to vote, I have the right not to vote.

For all of you that are calling me an idiot, bring it on. If I have to take your insults to stand up for what is right just like the people before me I would do so. I'm a big boy and calling me an idiot is a little weak, you gotta come at me a little harder.

Obama is all go and no show. He is someone I don't believe in. McCain is well he is McCain so he is basically useless to me. I will not vote for someone I don't believe in just to vote. Maybe if more people were like me, than these politicians will get there act together and be for the people and not for there own special interest.

Black Americans didn't fight just to vote, they fought to have rights. The same equal rights the white Americans have. For anyone to have the audacity to say I can't exercise my rights is the real idiot.


Wow, some of you guys got a little personal with the topic and comments. But I guess that's the power of the Internet. I guess that also show you guys have a lot of passion about the subject :)

To Cajiva, I know a friend doing the same thing. But have you thought about maybe just writing in your own canidate if you go vote? I know there is a section where you can write in the canidate that you want. :-)


wow big deal, so he is not registered, there are people who are registered that dont have a clue what they are voting for!! at least he is honest enough not to make his vote count cos he wont know what he is doing... Respect to the guy!

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