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15 September 2008



I stopped being a fan of SNL when Tina Fey left to do 30 Rock....and was a casual fan up until Maya Rudolph (minnie ripperton's daughter) left also.

BUT, Fey and Poehler--who are COMEDY GENIUSES--were spot on this time around. Poehler is pitch perfect as clinton and fey nailed it as sarah palin.

It was one of the most funniest intros to SNL in recent years..and both fey AND poehler should get noticed for this clip AND their respective work in general (why poehler doesnt get more work as a comedic actress is beyond me...kate hudson could learn MANY things from her in regard to comic timing).

Michael Phelps--DULL. but, what do you expect?

I hear that lorne michaels is wooing or trying to woo maya rudolph BACK to do michelle obama-if he can do this, major coup on his part.

Jose S

Ryan is right. This skit was genius.

Isn't May Rudolph coming back to play Michelle Obama?


one of their funniest skits


Sarah Palin is a MILF. She gets my vote.


Tina Fey killed it! Fred Armisen does a decent Obama so I hope he steps it up this season. If they can get Maya back that would be hot.

This makes me think of the lack of cast members to play Black female parts. The few Black male cast mostly have to do drag. I can only remember two other regular Black female SNL cast memebers: Ellen Cleghorne and Danitra Vance. You tellin' me Lorne Michaels can't find any funny Black women?

Derrick from Philly

You're absolutely right, Lavenderpop. There must be so many great black female comediennes in New York, and the rest of the country. Hell, we all have atleast one in all our families.

The skit was the best comment on Sarah Palin's candidacy that I seen/read/heard so far.


well, lorne is legendary for NOT giving black women space on his show...

ellen and danitra BOTH had to fight to get skits on every week they were there and i know ellen was selective in her skits (i.e. not playing the ghetto/sassy black woman strains, etc.)

I do miss ellen cleghorne..talk about someone who needs to COME BACK and give REALNESS..especially now...

Black women have a better chance of doing sketch comedy on MAD TV and occasional sketch comedy shows on the cable networks.

but, good work...and i do believe rudolph is coming back..but dont quote me on that yet.


now if only the rest of the cast could be funny


Ryan, do you know why Maya left in the first place? I thought she was having a baby and just didn't come back. And your right is plenty of black comedic talent on both coasts and in between. It seems SNL goes out of there way NOT to find black talent. But Fey and Pohler rocked the house!

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