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22 September 2008



Wow. Klae is just ... perfect. And I love to magnify his perfection.


WOW he has been in Udergear at least the last December.

Derrick from Philly

Lord, help me...please.

Dave R

Klae is a gorgeous young man. I met him at a calendar signing and he has great conversation. He was talking about his movie project. Very well spoken.


Cederic: And?

Ok maybe he isn't brand new to the catalog. What is your point? I read your comments often and you always have a criticism.

I've only discovered Klae through this page. He is new to me in the catalog.

Dave R

Klae is a gorgeous young man. I met him at a calendar signing and he has great conversation. He was talking about his movie project. Very well spoken.


My ex used to date Klae. I have met him he is very nice.

Derrick from Philly

Wait a minute, BL, tell us a little more. Are you saying that Klae is gay? Praise the Lord!


ATL Kid at least spell my name right. That wasn't a diss it was letting you know that he has been on the cover of UNDERGEAR once before and now a Latino is now in the issue. My comments have always been positive and never a diss. I do not tear peeps down nor take jabs. There is more to life than just BLACK and GAY. Now that is not a diss but reality.


Was Tony Moss at this shoot? "Here, put some ice on 'em."


Hot Like Fiyah! And he's a very nice guy too!


Rod: You know you're wrong with those magnified screen shots....you about burned my monitor!


cedric boo boo...have some "meow mix" buy some batteries for your favorite latex covered friend and chill the hell out...yes there is more to life than black and gay...and there is also more to life that catty queens who go to sites that specifically feature black/gay topics and rag on em. ugh...


Sorry Homies! I've never dated any dude and I am not gay. My intention is not to offend anyone, just telling the truth. I'm happy you do enjoy the the cover shot and i enjoy you comments. be sure to get your 2009 City Gym Boy Calendar it has more underwaer shots also!


He is sexy.


Y'all are gonna get me fired with this roll-over technology.


Wonkyglasseye...sweetie let's get real. Don't need any of that of which you spoke of. Like I said I did not tear it down about Rod article you only read what you saw and you knowing anything about me. I praise ROD for the info and yes I do go to other sites as well. I just letting you know I am not single minded and my eyes are not shut. I see everything. So if I must....here it goes again...KLAE can even back me up...he was the front cover model awhile ago and I was just surprise this is just now news. Thanks ROD for bringing this kat out to all who having seen this man on the cover and inside UNDERGEAR. Thanks again. Sorry if my blast was to short and my words were taken out of contexts. Rod once again GREAT JOB!!

Rod Mc

Some of you are making much ado about nothing.

I missed Klae's cover of Undergear. Occassionally I miss things. Believe it or not, it's difficult to stay on top of everything--politics, news, fashion, religion, television, interview singers--plus interview singers, chat up the hoy boys, and write magazine articles.

Let's move forward.

Derrick from Phill


it doesn't matter if you're not gay, and thank you for the kind words of consideration for our feelings. Have you ever heard of the term "trade". Trade is a straight guy who under the right circumstances...well, he f***ks queens. I'm quite familiar with such "straight" guys.

Bless you and your beautiful, beautiful body...and your little lady friend.


This man is definitely not gay. I met him in Jamaica this past weekend, and his bodyguard was his girlfriend. She was not letting that man out of her sight. He is a beautiful person. I enjoyed flirting with you Klae.

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