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08 September 2008



The Obama campaign has playing defense when they should play offense. In the primary they were coasting on fumes and have not had a general election message. So many pundits said this would be an easy election and landslide and Obama has bene phoning in his performance. This is crazy.

Get back to McCain. This is our election to lose.


some good old fashioned Democratic stumping may be in order. Seems the nice soft and squishy post partisan approach featuring "yes the surge sure was neat" and "okay she's competent" and "why of course we have an economic policy" may not be working.


There are only eight weeks to go. This is the final stretch. We need to kick it into high gear.

Oh and the GOP attack ads usually start kicking in around this time ...


economy, stupid!
unfortunately, sen. obama, unlike bill clinton before him, and sen. clinton currently, really hasn't got much of an economic plan. whether that's because his grasp of economics is thin (my guess) or because he continues to think that the "change" mantra is sufficient, i have no clue.

whatever it is, he better do something about it quickly.


Oh and Rod, welcome back. You were missed!


Obama and Biden had better take the gloves off like Palin and come out swinging on the issues.

Nice guys don't win the presidency and once the GOP attack ads get going, he will never catch up.


Obama and Biden had better take the gloves off like Palin and come out swinging on the issues.

Nice guys don't win the presidency and once the GOP attack ads get going, he will never catch up.


I wonder if Obama has any regrets about not picking Hillary Clinton for his vice-presidential running mate?

Derrick from Philly

ATL KID is right. It's time the Democrats stopped being gentlemen and ladies, and start attacking McCain and Palin for what they are: ridiculously stupid crackas who don't have a clue about the current state of world affairs. They don't seem to understand that it is not America's job to police the world.

Obama will pick the best economic minds within (and maybe outside) the Democratic Party to administer his economic policies. John McCain will pick the same "trickle down theory" motha' f....s that Republicans have picked since Reagan.

Put that Alaskan hockey ho' before the press and see what happens.

Taylor Siluwé

Don't panic. In political terms its a long stretch between now an the election.

So many have been so dazzled by Palin and her mooseburgers and her kick-ass hockey mom attitude, that it hasn't sunk in that she's being USED by the same power structure that's destroyed our country and its rep for the last 8 years.

Karl Rove is sitting back smoking a Cuban laughing at how stupid we are, comfortable that his plan is working; knowing that the rich with keep getting richer, and the poor and middle class will keep shinin' his shoes like we're supposed to.

But like I said. Don't panic just yet. America may not be as dumb as one Gallup poll makes us seem. Wait for the next one -- NYT I think.

Taylor Siluwé


I second that emotion. The minute she has to answers real questions, its over. She's all smoke and mirrors, a hologram Veep candidate spewing talking points programmed by the White House.

Lang B.

I do no believe the numbers but time will tell.

Rod Mc

Taylor, when woill you be concerned? The election is less than two months away and Obama has barely cracked 50 percent in a national poll. He has tied or has slighly lead or been behind for months. Clearly there is a problem.

I'm not panicking or saying he won't win. I've only been posting the same polls and sounding the same alarm for months. Obama has been without a message and never campaigned on the economy and against Bush and the Republicans. Hope and change can only inspire so many people.

And as I wrote last week, Palin is a very clever distraction. It's about Obama vs McCain and Bush.

A. Ronald

Rod, I really have to say that you were right about Palin. She was a trap. The blogs and punduits have been obsessing over her and she is catapulting McCain to the top.

I will knock on doors and call wheoever the Obama campaign needs me to. No way, no how, NO MCCAIN.

As Rev Kev says, I am for a MCCAIN FREE AMERICA!

Tim L

ATL Kid and Rod are absolutely positively correct. It's getting into the home stretch of this game. We have to bring our "A game" and Obama campaiagn needs to stop thinking they will coast to victory. McCain is a tough old bird. Underestimate him at your own peril.


Luther/Laura: you are "so" correct.

but, obama-biden need to take the gloves off NOW and fight! cause that's the ONLY way they will win in November.

These polls are a symbol of how quickly popularity and tides can change....

ATL and Rod are both on point--but what else is new? :)

But, if obama takes off the gloves, and offers to debate mccain in "his" setting: town halls, etc. I think the dems will take back the house...finally.


Laura ... I mean Luther, you really do have some nerve coming back on this blog and posting in comments.

Barry S

elg, we already know the answer to that one.

the problem is that obama has been running from the democratic brand and attacked the best legacy of the party--the clinton years. the largest post war expansionm in history. he turned a lot of people off, lots of good democrats.

i think it will be great if he were to hit the campaign trail with bill or hillary clinton. that couple knows the economy and both are trusted on the economy. that will take the media narrative off palin.

unfortunately, the media and obama partisans will start hillary obsessing again and the questions will invariably arise as to why she isnt number two or number one on the ticket. fwiw, it was a very foolish decision not to put clinton on the ticket. she attracted so many republican women (and men) and archie bunker types. let's hope for the best.


great points, barry...

but obama wont go out with hillary. if he does, id be shocked. there's still so much bad blood and tension between the two of them (more from obama, sinec clinton more than gracefully conceded and gave B props in her speech a few weeks ago)...

he needs her...but, this is HIS race to lose. if he feels the strategies he's using will win in november, by all means, use them.

but, it's becoming QUITE clear he wont b/c the strategies he is using backfire on him and he's still NOT willing to take a more primary role in his own campaign, and is expecting other people to DO for him...

The Democratic party nominated Barack the presidential nominee, not Joe Biden, not Michelle Obama, and NOT Hillary Clinton...

I hope he realizes that soon, gets off his ass, and comes for McCain.

Otherwise, we're going to have another four years of Bush 3 + "Anti-Gay, Fundamentalist, Anti-Pro Choice, Hockey Mom Barbie".


Senator Obama is attempting to run an honorable and respectful campaign, thinking that American masses will be drawn to a dignified campaign. Unfortunately, he will have to learn, as John Kerry did, that America is not filled with the honorable,noble,progressive thinking people that he assumes that it is. America is a country of consumers who are drawn to negative, base, and pandering campaign tactics. Bush won both elections by not being honorable, but by pandering to people (He just told them what they want to hear) and playing to their fears. Bush used Black folk's disdain for Sgl people to get re-elected (yeah, we fell for it and voted for him!). McCain simply tells folksy prison of war stories and how great American is (remember Reagan's "morning in America", and "bringing American back"?) and they love him for it. If Obama really wants to win this election, he simply must put principles on the shelf (for now)and go after McCain relentlessly. He has to constantly attack McCain (believe me, they are doing the same and will soon intensity their attacks on him in the remaining weeks to come). Swift boat ads might be distasteful, but they do work (ask Kerry and Gore). I remember two democratic candidates who didn't use the same tactics of the republicans - President Kerry and President Dukakis.


and can i add something else?

I just find the lot of you obamabots really sorry.

aren't you all the VERY same supporters who criticized hillary, edwards, and every other politican for the VERY same thing you are demanding obama NOW do--i dont know, four years AFTER THE FACT?

yet, when your boy is getting his ass kicked in the polls, got his shine SNATCHED from a low rent alaska barbie doll, and the best obama can do is bring up the same tired talking points on palin? he doesn't have money to hire a P.I. to see if palin was involved in direct corruption in the alaskan government while she was running the state? but, obama has a LOT of money to pay george clooney a MILLION dollars to have fundraisers for him overseas..but, he can't find NEW information that exposes palin's weaknesses? really?

and NOW you want him to "get dirty"?

face it, your boy is WEAK--he always has been...he always WILL BE. Obama should have stomped mccain and palin out BEFORE the republicans had their convention...the polls SHOULD be reading Obama has like 99% favor with EVERYONE in this country...

he's weak..his campaign is weak and his "change" mantra was "co-opted" by melanoma mccain--how sorry is THAT?

face it, the very issues that obama continues to face (electability with key groups, no clear campaign for economics, jobs, no clear attempt to want to FIGHT for the white house), are the ones that will TAKE.HIM.DOWN in November...

so, instead of telling obama to "fight" why dont you ask him why he has no backbone in the first place?

Derrick from Philly

Thanks, Louis:

great analysis of what Barack needs to do. I would still caution him on turning the heat on against Palin...atleast for a while. SlimJim must remain focused on McCain's lack of vision-- with all his years of experience in Washington, McCain is looking at the world through 1980s eyes. Remind the people that McCain is as backwards as Bush & Cheyney, and that is the only direction he and Palin can take this country. He nor his Alaska gun-totin' gal are right for America in the 21st Century.

Let others in the Democratic Party can take on Palin for the next two or three weeks. Hopefully, the press will do their job also; afterall, the Republicans practically went to war with them at their convention.


and i still think obama is too late in "fighting" for this election...

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