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31 October 2008


Derrick from Philly

Well, atleast he cares about the injustices done to one minority group....but what if you're gay and black? All bets are off, baby.

Troy Westin

This is not just an issue about gays and lesbians. I recommend you read the post at editorial section http://editorialsection.com for another perspective.


There's a big THREAT tonight. Some churches want to spread disgusting things to kids when they hand out candy. See It's OK to Vote No for more info.


As much as I detest Connerly, at least he is a consistent Conservative -- no government intrusion, period. I guess anybody can get one thing right....LOL


He has no idea how lucky he is. Ward Connerly is not a household name which is why the white male hustlers whose services he has no doubt used do not recognize him. But just give it time. Sooner or later one of them are going to start to wonder why this guy is so evasive when asked about his line of work.


A black republican with a white wife that opposing affirmative action yeah self hatred much.

Cain Hamm

Christians! Don't be fooled by a Mormon LDS trick! Save Christianity and vote NO on proposition 8! See http://Batyzim.com/ for the real, Christian, story.

BTW: The Mormons have been instructed by their leaders to deface and vandalize their own signs to make themselves look like victims. It's an old trick, and a shame the Media fell for it.

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