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13 October 2008


Greg G

Tarver and Dawson are both sexy MFers. Boxing has a strong homoerotic undercurrent. It always has.


Chad Dawson is every gay man's fantasy of jailhouse trade. Mercy.

Danny Rivera

You want to talk about homoerotic and boxers? Pretty azz Floyd Mayweather and 50 Cent. They should just release their private thug porn sex tape. The men can never take their hands off each other.



Allen H

I'm not a huge fan of the sport but Roy Jones is very sexy.


Looking at them makes me just wanna submit and take it, lol. So fine, it is just crazy.-QH


Rod, I'm surprised that you are glorifying such a backward, horrific sport. Boxing is reminiscent of the ancient Roman gladiators.

I expect more from a black gay blogger and journalists who is progressive and tech savvy.

M. Mark

"I expect more from a black gay blogger and journalists who is progressive and tech savvy."

Mary! Who is reading the blog? The PC Police and the Cyber Nannies?



You and me both. I'm getting wet.


Danny, you arent the only one who noticed that about Fiddy and Flloyd. There are very comfy together. But Fiddy is very suspect nah mean.


There is something especially sexual and homoerotic about many boxers. I used to be involved with a Golden Gloves champion in Chicago back in the 90s. He was a former gang member turned boxer, very good at his sport, but DL. I think he went into the gang life and boxing to prove his masculinity and manhood.

Thomas M

Tolliver, that is a very sweet story. What happened to the boxer?


We were together on an off for several years in the mid to late 90s. He was Golden Gloves champ and did quite well in his division. He is no longer boxing, works at a UPS or FedEx I think, probably went back to women. He had a baby. Was insecure about his sexuality.


wow.. that's a whole lot of chocolatey goodness...double stuff.


Freeleo is right. I love it, I love i, I love it. Black is beautiful!!!


That is a whole lotta beef standing right there.


As a boxing fan, obviously I've been sleeping on Dawson (....oh don't I wish!:) Congrats to him...and I's off to go comfort 'Tonio!:)

(and thanks for the story Tolliver)


Those are some sexy men. I don't care for boxing, but I don't care for soccer, football, basketball, ect. either, but the men....you just can't deny the hotness.


being gay is stupid a women can give you all you need

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