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16 October 2008


Tony DR

This is duisgusting. A teenage boy kills a gay man and gets a manslaughter charge.

Albert Parker

I hope and pray this gay panic defense does not work.


What sentence is he facing?

Derrick from Philly

They (the newspaper article) make it seem as though the DC Police are accepting the young thug's explanation--that Mr Hunter tried to "grab at him." A gay man is going to approach FOUR thugs on the street and reach for one of their dingdongs? Does that make any kind of sense--even in the "hood"?

If Mayor Fenty can't do something about the gay-hating attitudes of his DC Police force, then maybe Democrats in Congress need to try.

I try to keep my mind on Barack Obama, Queen Latifa & Donovan McNabb--all the wonderful black folks in the news, but it's hard...Lord, sometimes it's so hard.


The lack of hate crimes charges is truly reprehensible.


I transfered from Los Angeles to DC 20 years ago. When I arrived I had no idea black people in that city were as backward thinking as they were. I found it unbelievable that that many obviously gay black men were not only in the closet but actually thought they were fooling people. I have been out of the closet since I was 14 and caught nothing but hell from the entire crowd I worked with. I quit a pretty good job because I knew if I stayed I was going to either end up in Lorton prison for the rest of my life after going postal or dead all thanks to my coworkers. Good luck to those of you who find DC a nice place to live and party. I have not set foot in that M/F in will over 18 years.

Mel Smith

Gurlene, thanks for sharing your thoughts. You are a strong person.

Not A Victim

From the begining, I knew that there was more to this story and if you "quick to judgement" and "gay black men are always the victim" people will allow the police to do their job we all will know what happened in this situation. Can someone tell me how this was a hate crime and what evidence that you have of that? Violent and brutal yes! Hate crime? No. Time and the final police report will tell you many things. Be active, be aware, but don't be quick to play victim all the time. Try being a man and not a nag. Better yet, try to get Black gay men involved in other activites besides A4A, clubs and sex. I know for a fact tha if the BeBar did a book give away that night most of the people would have stayed home or went to another club.

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