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21 October 2008



Meh. I like Gregory Keith's thickness but I'm not really into light skin boys with "pretty" eyes.


Rod I really love your sight. You amaze me. When I was in the navy out to sea I was on your sight everyday just to get the news. I really appreciate you and that is from the bottom of my heart.

I am a thick brutha a real thick brutha I have more muscle than fat but I love my body I have nevr been into skinny men I was never into obese ones either. I just like a brutha who takes care of himself. Gregory Keith is beautiful. I can also appreciate Rodney Chesters body. gimmie thick to muscular any day.


True, wow that is a beautiful story. Thanks for sharing. I'm also a big boy and appreciate all body types. I love Rod 2.0 and appreciate the diversity.

Rod Mc

True That is a beautiful story. Thank you for your service. And thank you so much for the support and confidence. The vote of confidence is very inspiring.

Jose S

That is a hot blog. I have to admit, I'm on the thick side and like a bearish black man.


I think Gregory Keith is hot as f2ck. Man that is a sexy one.

Bradley R

This is what I'm talking bout. I am a tall, thick, country black man and that is how I like my men too. Nothing against the gym BOYS but as someone said earlier I prefer MEN. I like a man with some meat on his bones. He doesnt have to be perfectly put together just have theRIGHT attitude. i must say that dark skin man on the front page with all that juicy booty HAVE MERCY

Pieter in Jo'burg

Very nice comment threads. I am new to this blog and from Johannesburg SA.

The "True" story about the man in the Navy is moving. Several of my mates read this blog and most of them are closeted to some degree. There are many advances in SA for gays but not so many for mixed race and black. We try to learn news from the States. You are very lucky to have thi s site.

Personally I prefer men with more "meat", But that is just a personal taste. I like seeing all types.


OMG. Real men and not muscular model types on Rod 2.0!!

I guess even the black New York City circuit boys grow up.

Bryan Watkins

I guess that was snark. Coming from someone with the screnname HUMPH, it's to be expected.


noah's arc/ms. polk: gurl, i'm just tellin the tea.

I mean, i have friends who are in Iowa who love the show, it's not playing there...and one checked online and saw that the pre-order dvd sales are up and running...so is this a movie or just a straight to dvd film getting the "theatre" treatment in a few cities with high gay populations?

and is it true that the White chelsea girls don't even KNOW about this and aren't even TRYING to see it this weekend? just wondering....cause you KNOW the chelsea girls RULE the screens every weekend!

and i'm quite employed, patrika. can't really say the same for you...i mean, how are those assignments lining up for you post noah...

or, is anyone calling your "agent" for paid writing and/or directing assignments? I'm sure the phone will be ringing off the hook because Noah 2 will be THE weekend smash...even more than Saw 5, HSM 3 and Changeling combined, right?

get into the realness, noah/ms. polk! you need to...



Thank you for giving us lovers of thick men something to appreciate!!!

I do love me some bigger men...


To all who are concerned about Noah's ARC I just saw the movie at the Seattle Gay and Lesbian film festival and I was very impressed. Many of you might be surprised but there were numerous white gay men at the showing. I read numerous blogs and there are so many white who do enjoy the show.

It was Logo who was upset that Patrick would not add white characters. I loved the movie and I appreciated seeing men who looked like me on the big screen

Derrick from Philly

That's good news, TRUE. Thanks.

Noah Fan 4 Lyfe

Shade Tea you can go to hell.




I ADORE COWBOY TROY!!! phyne!!!!


Um - wait just a minute ... Gregory Kieth was onstage at the Republican National Convention? Please say it isn't so!

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