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21 October 2008



Yes, lawd yes. Enough of those tiny waist gym boys. Give me some meat!


this man is quite fit, i love a thick juicy man


This is more like it, dammit.


Eammon Walker is one of my favorites. I at at work and will have to view it on my iPhone, lol.

Chas. A. Stevens

Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU. Give me big thick and juicy any day over these muscle queens.

Derrick from Philly

And I thought you were a little perturbed with me for being bitchy on your blog yesterday, Rod...and then you send me this glorious present. Thank you!

I love Slim Jims, but I worship RUMP ROAST!


Chile, these men are not lunch, they are a glorious dinner.

Rod Mc

Derrick, lol, please. I was never upset with you yesterday.

If you are referring to that other commenter, it was a simple mistake, no biggie.


Very hot selection of men there. Winter is coming, I want something warm to snuggle up next to.


I like these type of men on this blog. The blog is not as stylish as I would hope but the men are thick. I like that, gay black culture seems to be obsessed with skinny thugs.


Not to quibble but Gregory Keith is more "muscular" than beefy. There are other men on this site who are "beefier", such as Eamonmn, Strahan or Cowboy Troy.

Just my two cents.

Noah Fan 4 Lyfe

ROD THANK YOU so much for showing more Greg Keith. He is an accomplshed actor and very easy on the eyes. We all will see this on FRIDAY when NOAHS ARC JUMPING THE BROOM hits theaters.

Thomas M

And all this time I thought I was the only one who secretly crushed on Cowboy Troy.

felipe anuel

Any feeling I may have had for Cowboy Troy went out the window when I saw him on stage at the Republican Convention


That sounds like quibbling, Ralphie. I mean honestly.


Nice new site. Glad to see someone appreciating us thick brothers.

Norm C

Yeah, I like this, let's give us thick brothas some love. Thanks Rod you always know where to find everything.


Noah Fan, do you have to promote the straight to dvd movie in every post? Seriously, toots. Seriously.


Yeah. I like a boy who's had a sandwich or two. Good lord. You guys should see some of the strippers in Los Angeles. They all look like that just got here from Somalia.


Yes Freeleo. I have seen them up close and personal. And during when Noah's Arc was on the air, Rod's delicious recaps poked constant fun at the strippers in LA. you have my sympathies lol

Randy  O

Nice blogs. I like men not boys. And men should be more on the juicy and beefy side and with some hair.

Noah Fan 4 Lyfe

I'm not promoting the movie. I merely mentioned it. It wasnt out of place seeing the post was about Gregory Keith and there is an ad for Noah's Arc Jumping the Broom soundtrack.



Norm C:

stop that! what "straight to dvd" release? Noah's Arc 2: Jumping the Broom is coming out in ALL theatres!


Noah Fan 4 Lyfe

Miss Shade Tea PLEASE.

You realy are a fan of Mr. Patrik Ian Polk and his art. You continually make the conversations here about "Noah's Arc." Such is the life of unemployed actors who didn't make the "cut."

I'd rather talk about these thick slabs of beefcake. If you don't mind.


I really LOVE this site. Thanks Rod. It's great when men of all shapes and sizes can be appreciated. After all y'all it's all these shapes and sizes that make up our community. After seeing all these guys I think I want to go and eat a sandwich.

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