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06 October 2008



I love True Blood! Alan Ball is genius!


True Blood is a great series with lots of potential. I enjoy Lafayette's character. He doesn't have many scenes but I'm glad to hear his role will be given more prominence.

I find his character very intriguing. This is a southern gothic series set in a small southern town. I suppose there are no black short order cooks in small towns and big cities?I have seen and known plenty!


I am confused. Is Lafayette a vampire or isn't he?


I was hoping you would get into True Blood. I really live this show. It has suspense for days.


Love this show!!! Was out of the country for a coupla months, so caught up on this show "On Demand" this weekend (thank gawd for digital cable). It's savory, flavorful, sinfully delicious. Not "perfect" television, by normal critics' standards, but then "perfect" tv often bored me. I never really got into West Wing and some of the other high-brow quality shows that were supposed to be the ALL. But this show and new shows like DIRTY SEXY MONEY are bringing the fun back to television, but with a trashy, messy, soapy style. And what Rod didn't really mention is HOW SEXY this show is! I felt like I was watching porn at times...I mean this makes you hot! And I'm not usually into the white boys, but Anna Paquin's brother- the blonde dummy who sexes up all the women- is sex on a stick, that white boy is FINE, lol.

But I love the Lafayette character. I will admit, at first, I too thought this was more of Ball's over-the-top, one-dimensional black stereotypes (I'm this close to not liking the "angry" black female character)- but given time to develop, the characters seem to be winning me over...Ball is great at not succumbing to typical Hollywood ideas about heroes and villains. All of Ball's characters are flawed and f--ed up in very entertaining and delicious way



Ebony Baby

This show is the TEA, girls. Lafayette is fierce in his own way. And I cannot wait until Mehcad Brooks shows up. I would LOVE to see him in a polysexual vampire sex orgy.

Rod Mc

I'm glad people enjoy the show. I am just getting into it and really love the characters.

One more thing. Rafael please no profanity, this site will get blocked by some wifi cafes and office filters and we don't want that, thanks!

Noah Fan 4 Lyfe

I will check this show out at some point. But a gay black vampire doesn't sound like something like our community needs to support. We have enough stereotypes to deal with it. Oh and I'd rather read a few other reviews than this little blog by Ryan.


'A gay black vampire doesn't sound like something like our community needs to support. We have enough stereotypes to deal with it'

What a dummy. Are black gay men stereotyped as VAMPIRES? I don't think anyone beleives these are true characters, its a horror show. You really might be more comfortable it the 'realness' of Noah's Ar.

Andrew R

Dennis, THANK YOU.


this is just a fun, sexy show. alan ball really is a genius. you should check out his movie towelhead. i really enjoyed it too.


This show is very unique, and has caught my attention in several ways. The whole underlying theme of giving "vampire rights" seems to be a play on the real world discussion we are having about same gender loving rights. We, like vampires are considered evil abnominations opposed by rabid christians. I loved the scene where one of Lafayettes guests turns out to be an older, white republican state senator... hmmm where have we heard this before, Rev. Haggart? His charecter is well written, and the whole series drips sarcasm. The ability for Sooky to hear the sexist thoughts of her customers is brilliant. The women I watch this with smile like "yeah that's waht we thought they would say". Plus the whole homoerotic nature of vampires a la "Interview with a Vampire" is there,too It will be interesting to see how the plot twists... Hopefully, the homosexuals will save the day!


i LOVE this show...it is fresh, interesting, and original and WAY more involving and well written than Noah's Arc..that atrocity of a "tv show" on LOGO...

but, noah's arc, this right here is tacky:

I will check this show out at some point. But a gay black vampire doesn't sound like something like our community needs to support. We have enough stereotypes to deal with it. Oh and I'd rather read a few other reviews than this little blog by Ryan.

first off, if you truly bothered to READ Ryan's review and this review, you'd know that lafayette reynolds is NOT a vampire...AT ALL.

but, since you were more focused on reading Ryan because he didn't like Noah's Arc (yet, was, like rod, an early fan of the show when he was recapping it every week...get into it with those archives, Noah-fake--it will REALLY help you out with backing up your "opinions", ahem, low rent reads of people who can actually analyze and breakdown points..some you clearly lack, patrika polk. GET INTO IT, GIRL..YOU'VE BEEN "OUTED" just like how you told darryl and the cast to go back IN the closet for the sistahgurl demographic..that you never got? WERK!)

but, as "little" as Ryan's blog is, i applaud ANYONE who is more than willing to comment on or write about films, tv shows, etc. that people aren't checking for that are good and worth watching....

nothing wrong with being ORIGINAL...

Patrika Polk/Noah's Arc Fan Fuh Life/mr. sybil and all his personalities: i'm still waiting for some "creativity" from you...

are you getting a credit on the "adaptation" of B-Boy Blues? or did maurice jamal and company shut you OUT of that project because your work is paltry?

What about Blackbird? I heard you're bringing it to the silver screen but I hear that's it quite a bit of coin to buy the rights from the author? how are you paying for it when you have NO cache in hollywood?

is this going to be darryl stephens next "project" or is he distancing himself from you because he feels you are a horrible writer?

get into it with the noah's arc season 1 dvd commentary, the cast gurls STUNT for you and read you for that crappy dialogue...

Lee Hayes, Author

I think this is a hot show and I think the character Lafayette is played with a crazysexycool sensuality that offers far more than a one-dimensional character. He's thug-out, queened out, pimped out, drugged-out and just out of this world.

Maybe we shouldn't read too much into it...LOL...just enjoy the show.

Timothy B

Bill, you make an excellent point. And as usual, Miss Shade Tea is wrong and opinionated. Please let the grownups discuss the industry, please.


Let me add to Lee Hayes' comments. This is an incredible show with incredible characters and great storytelling. We really need to just have fun with the show. It's a horror/fantasy/southern gothic drama. It's not supposed to be, um, realistic.


Oh and Lee I'm a huge fan of your work!! Loved your Passion Marks and a Deeper Blue.!

Lee Hayes, author


Thanks for the love and the support! Hit me up sometime.



I just loved the scene where Lafayette is playing with Jason Stackhouse's hair as they're speaking and Jason totally cool. Not often you see affection on men - esp straight/gay pairing.

jojo beans

No, I don't believe Lafayette is a vampire. He mentioned to Jason earlier that V affects people in different ways and can give some people a vampire's strength. I think/hope that Lafayette's movement in getting Jason out of his house in this last episode was because Lafayette takes V regularly.

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