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21 October 2008


Pastor Michael-Vincent Crea

22 October 2008

Peace to ALL in NYS LGBT Life!

Governor David Paterson's direct, open, plain, egalitarian stands and actions to recognize and to respect our Human Rights and daily living, like any and ALL other persons, deserves Y(OUR) reciprocal responses of gratitude.

After speaking in Harlem with him, personally, at our local block party during the summer, I sent a note of thanks in a card for his policy of accepting out of state Y(OUR)same gender loving marriages.

Now, sealed in the NYS Supreme Court appeal decision, we need to get majorities in the NYS Senate and Assembly make the same gender marriages legal in NYS. VOTE! MAKE A CALL/SEND A FAX/WITE An EMAIL-LETTER TO Y(OUR) NY State LEGISLATORS!

Now, Governor Paterson's
'standing O' at the Empire Pride event ups the ante for them to act. He rightly deserves BIG Time props, whether at a dinner or down the street.

Because I read and heard it here from ROD 2.0 first, I had no problem seeing him, today, as I walked home with groceries, as he was entering his home.

Giving him a shout out, "Thanks Governor for the Pride event," he turned and acknowledged the appreciation, although he was on cell call. A REAL man & neighbor!

None of this is special for or about me. I pass it along here,
inviting any and ALL of YOU to tell this very SPECIAL LEADER and
executive, who IS representing, protecting and defending our Human
Rights and the persons we love and ARE, Y(OUR) own heartfelt thanks for him and his leadership of CIVIL service for ALL of Y(OUR)HUMANITY.

He is an extraordinary and brave
man only doing the right thing in a very ordinary, humane way for
Y(OUR) common good and that of NYS. Time to tell him so, too!

I don't have a 'fave five' or a cell but those that do might have him Y(OUR) # 1 NYS TRULY LEADING political friend.

"WE, the People," ARE the Power! We, the Workers and ALL Persons, ARE the Wealth of our ONE WORLD!

With peace, prayers, gratitude & LOVE,
Steadfast in Spirit & in Truth,

Michael-Vincent Crea, Pastor
One World Life Systems

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