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27 October 2008


Nathan James

I saw the film on Saturday at Clearview Chelsea Theatre. I loved it! The cast looked great on the silver screen, and it was a fine extension to the television series. The movie was at times hysterically funny, at times touching. I thought the storyline of Noah and Wade's wedding was a parable for our times, given the debate over gay marriage today. The backstories and subplots were good expositions of some of the issues facing the LGBT community of color in our society.

Brandon's coming-out and subsequent rejection by his parents, Chance's turbulent marriage, and Ricky's unrequited feelings for Noah were all fascinating subthreads which Patrik and compant portrayed with delicacy and sobriety. For me, however, the most touching moment in the film was the arrival of Noah's and Wade's mothers. It was uplifting to see Wade's mother put aside her homophobia and accept her son and his dreams. It's perhaps a bit rare to see this in real life, but that's "suspension of disbelief". I cried real tears when Wade's mother told her son it was all right, even in spite of his father's rejection of him and his sexuality.

The absence of fathers at the wedding silently reminds us of another issue the SGL community faces every day. A friend once remarked to me that the greatest enemies of black gay America were the church and the family. I wonder sometimes, if he isn't exactly correct about this, and Patrik certainly speaks to this through Wade, Noah, and Brandon's characters.

After the movie, I attended a movie mixer party which included a very lively discussion of the picture. It was wonderful to be among the SGL community, talking about this groundbreaking film, and its meaning to us. Noah's Arc, on the silver screen as it was on television, continues to make a tremendous impact on us. Perhaps in the future, we'll see more of the Noah gang, and more TV shows and films like this.

Noah's Arc stands as a fine example of how far we've come in the last several decades, and a gentle reminder of how far we've yet to go. Thank you, Patrik, Darryl, Jensen, and all the Noah's Arc family, for your theatrical gift. I wish you all every success!

Derrick from Philly

Thanks, NATHAN JAMES. I was hoping for success for Mr Polk and all of his film-making associates. Polk's ability to bring projects to completion is a plus for black gay folks in the arts, and anybody who doesn't realize that is a ....oh, well.

In the above phote, Ricky has the sexiest feet...I like width as well as length. Oh, I'm talking about feet, y'all. Really.


Yeah Nathan, thank you from those of us who haven't seen the movie yet...


ROD I am just speechless. I cannot believe you liked this "film."

I saw the made for tv movie Friday night in Chicago. Packed theater with all those South Side queens and dykes. My favorite scene were THE CLOSING TITLES. The END.

There. Do I get a soundtrack??


Nathan, thank you very much for your coments. Yours too Derrick. Avery not everyone loves everything.

Grambling State

I drive all the way to Atlanta with three friends. I am so glad i was able to see that film. i wish i could marry a hot sexy man like Wade one day. I am femme like Noah and his character speaks to me.

Noah Fan 4 Lyfe

Rod this really is a beautiful review. I'm very very surprised/. I know many of us "Noah Fans" have accused you of not liking the film, but it is clear you do. In your own way.

Unfortunately I am in Cleveland and must wait to see the movie. I may be going to Chicago. But the movie is clearly an inspiration.

Harry A

Noah Fan, so you live in Cleveland? That explains why you enjoy this movie so much. It's really for the flyovers and the young/femme queens in the big cities.

Timothy B

HARRY A, if you do not like the Noah's Arc posts leave them for those who does. And your comment is very bitchy and you are calling the fans QUEENS. That is a joke.

Rod, I really enjoyed the film and loved that song where they where VOGUING and also when Noah and Alex were COOKING. So ROMANTIC.

S. Flemming

We had a lot of here in DC at the movie ... I really enjoyed it. Kudos to all involved.

S. Flemming

A lot of fun I mean ...


Nathan that is such a sweet comment. I loved this film and was pleasantly surprised by the music.

Avery H

Okay ROD I am listening to the sampled of "MR" PATRICK POLK'S so called SINGING.

Calling it HEAVILY PRODUCED is quite kind.

And once again, why is ROD 2.0 reviewing this SOUNDTRACK. Logo and PATRICK didn't even give you interviews, they went to tired Clay Cane and the d list. Let this soundtrack STAY ON THE D LIST.


I haven't seen the movie yet but would like to.

I also was pleasantly surprised to see the soundtrack review and giveaway. Of course it is not like the black gay hip hop/music bloggers are reviewing this CD. But we had this conversation last week in re Mary J Blige. This is why they are not relevant


Wow, my name is Brandon and the new student chracter is also named Brandon. What a revelation, I was sooooooo pleased to see our images on the big screen. This is a milestone.

What is the name of the sushi song? That was sooo hot I have heard it before. Thanks Rod and thanks NOAHS ARC and PATRIK IAN POLK!


DUH! I meant "character"


I haven't seen the movie but cant wait until it comes to my town or is on DVD. The boys in their underwear look scrumptious.


The film was quite good. I was expecting less and was taken aback to see the growth the entire project has displayed from TV's first episode to the films final scence. The film is packed with familiar moments that I can recall in my own life. My most favorite bit in the fim was the scence at Wade's bachelor party when he has heart to heart with the young 19yo and comes clean about his own journey from straight to coming out. I think the film leaves a lot of room to explore topics like this more deeply so I'll begin my own script and see what happens.


The 'Eat Sushi' song is by a fierce drag queen named PAM JONES. I'm surprised Rod didn't mention her. Maybe an interview in the near future? :)


Pam Jones is a fabulous black trans artist. Eat Sushi is a club banger. Rod, really, we know you are a busy man but please mention this artist.

Ten in My Timz

meh. too femme. i will wait for the dvd they are already taking preorders

Noah Fan 4 Lyfe

Harry that comment was totally inappropriate, what did Noahs Arc do to you?


Saw it in Hollywood on Friday. My whole crew had a great time. Go support the movie even if it's just to see Baby Gat's butt.


Why should we support this film?


Rod, this is a great review. I would love to get the soundtrack, I am in Oklahoma and cannot see the movie.

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