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12 November 2008



For those who care, Rev. Irene Monroe has an excellent piece online at Advocate.com (http://www.advocate.com/exclusive_detail_ektid65681.asp). She makes the good point that

"And while it is true that the white LGBTQ community needs to work on its racism, white privilege, and single-issue platform that thwart all efforts for coalition-building with both straight and queer communities of color, the African-American community needs to work on its homophobia."

She is speaking the truth, and we have heard the same sorts of things on this blog. Nobody is saying black folks don't have issues.

Guess what? (No, I'm not trying to be Slyeena Johnson) The posts on the site (so far) are a bunch of white gays sceaming that they need to point fingers because this is all the fault of blacks, how dare black people vote against them, they should know better, etc. etc. etc.

The moral of the story is this: people's true colors are out, so take a picture. The people who don't want to build true bridges in light of these events have been identified (Dan, Andrew, and others-- I'm talking to you). This tells me that these people don't see the value in doing so, even though they blame blacks for the passage of Prop 8. This is crazy on top of stupid! It shows me that the white gay community is even more fundamentally racist than I thought (and trust, that is saying something). That many don't see the value of alliances now tell me that they place no value on black people (other than the mandingo fantasy and certian "pieces" of anatomy).

We've been right all along to be distrustful of many (most?) white gays, and for those who weren't, this is all the evidence you need.


Miss Saywhat, who are you and who appointed you hall monitor! and why are you DEFENDING a media personality! his job is to go out and create controversy! we can talk about who we want!

Thomas M

I am sorry but I do not know who many of these new commenters are. They sound like they are white gay men and are either upset we are not 'grateful' or are bitter we don't want them. We like peoples of all colors but we do no like racists or patronizing.


dan savage has a savage mug. fugly.

Jose S

"Instead of attacking/dreaming about being gang raped by black men (cause that's ALL of your schticks, realness), why don't you work on grassroots efforts to ally with all communities of color on this."

Preach on brotha Ryan! You ain't said nothing but a word.
Sullivan and Savage are sexually enticed by the BIG BLACK MAN and they write out of their frustrations.

Saywhat I am sory but you are defending Savage too much and on Stranger Slog too much. You are either white or an Oreo.


Topanga Canyon and JJ, who are you people and why are you here? If your come here to blame you are in the wrong place....we have been kicked around and blamed too much. We are hurting inside and thought this was a safe space to discuss and inform.


One more thing Rod thank you this conversation is incredible, bless you and Jasmyne.


Yes, please tell us that we should be GRATEFUL this Dan Savage freak is telling the world black gay men exist.

acknowledging i should say what a joke


I see both sides. But, it does bother me that black gays are, and blacks in general, being so racially attacked.-QH


Yup. Please let’s not scapegoat other gay folks here (be they black/white/Christian/or whatever …).

A lotta straight people (be *they* black/white/Christian/or whatever …) don’t “get it” and maybe some of ‘em never will.

Meh? Maybe the anti-gays will “get it” soon?!?


Hate to say it, but proof again that “hiding” and “blending in” doesn’t work. As long as Gay Couples are invisible, no one sees the harm, no one cares.
The assumption that the presentation of Gay Couples will somehow “offend” undecided straights comes from a deeply rooted insecurity. Our greatest gains have come when we are just ourselves and are honest about it.
Why should we try to be lying bast*rds like the other guys? See where it gets us?

Ms. saywhat?

Your mom appointed me Hall Monitor Jose.


She would have chose you but obviously I look better in Orange sashes if it wasn't obvious from my awesome gramm3r as it show how hotter I am than you. Betch.

See how name-calling is mature? It's fun don't get me wrong but its a waste of time. You know, I listen to Dan Savage/read Stranger/Slog 'cause I find his column quite funny. it's not the best for information (I'm liking Dr. Dick these days) but its there and obviously if his word spreads like wildfire the way its claimed then I'm not the only one.

Uh-oh I must be white or an oreo! Jesus, its like high school all over again. You speak your piece effectively and you're branded as being like YT. Um. Jose? Darling I let whitefolks know almost every other day where I stand (while trying not to lose my job) and that whole oreo thing is cute but I know my people and my culture.

However if Ms Saywhat disagrees, THEN Ms Saywhat disagrees. *hairtoss* Rod has you all to agree with everything that he said; surely he can take a little conversation on the matter without devolving into hairpulling. But if that's your thing I guess... I mean it's not mind but I'll do what you like as long as you return a favor of mine later on.

And AGAIN I pointed out where Dan was wrong like in every one of my posts and acknowledged what I found to be wrong with his positions and rod's; hell, how even Dan is STILL in the wrong. And yet you 'Yes Menses' come out of the woodwork to dog on ol' boy. First I'm a little boy, then I had a sex change and now I'm an oreo because I want to hold Savage accountable for what he actually did/said instead of what can be 'omgz!link to himz cuz he startid it'

Whatevs. But I will say this: if you are a person of color, especially black, and somehow believed that a white gay person would be less racist than a regular straight white person (read: unaware of white privilege and not giving a damn) because he may want your balls on his chin then you may be just as naive as these white gay people expecting black people to vote for gay marriage 'cause OMg! Civil Rights' and how they voted for Obama and now its owed to them.

If you are aware of that stuff in the first place, you won't get hurt (as much).

In other news...

I also find it interestng that in talking about Black Gay People, no one has desired to bring one on their TV shows. I think its fair to get on these tv hosts and shows for not aquiring a black gay person just as it is fair to get on the white gay person that elected to become our spokesperson even indirectly.

Was that defending the cracka too much? Let me know 'cause I can say more "crackas" to make up for my having an opinion that dissented from the masses. Crackacrackacrackacracka...

*takes a deep breath*

Crackacrackacrackacrackacrackacracka-ASS-cracka. With dead honkies on the side.


It’s just too bad there weren’t more people rallying and donating to the cause before it was voted on. I was appalled at the comments from people who were opposed to donating their time or money because they just knew we had it won. Then there were the others that said if we lost the courts would change it. It will take lots of time in the courts to get this changed and in the meantime there will be couples who will not live long enough to see it, or family members who live long enough to make it to their wedding. Put the blame where it belongs …… THE GLBT PEOPLE WHO DIDN’T GIVE A SHIT BEFORE THE VOTE!!!!!


saywhat you really are brand new to this blog. everyone regular here knows rod is often in disagreement with many readers. the primaries, for example, and most of all over prop 8 and marriage, because many people here weren't supporting marriage and he was/is.

but i must confess i read all the time and comment every day and find it amusing you and other brand new callers are crawling out the woodwork to defend massa dan.


SAYWHAT, you really are pimping these comments for Dan Savage.

But sorry "my brotha" most of us do not say "cracka" or "cracker." We just say "white." But you have probably had many "inter-racial" encounters and know this but arev trying to "keep it real."



I agree with soid that we should carefully analyze the No on 8 campaign to learn whatever we can from it for the next campaign. I’m not from California. My state banned same-sex marriage several years ago (where was the outrage then?!). But it occurs to me, as an outside observer, that the leaders of the No on 8 campaign were in a very difficult position where there were no clear answers. If you get in their faces, you risk losing people who don’t like discrimination but are not totally comfortable with LGBT families yet; but if you try a more subtle approach, you risk appearing weak. It’s truly a no-win situation. Sometimes, you just have to go with your gut and see what happens.


Savage is an imbecile. He has gone from writing sex columns in 'alternative weeklies' to becoming the official gay voice of comedy cable news.

Of course Sullivan and he link to each other. All of the racialist middle aged white gays stick up for each other.


Savage and Sullivan covet BLACK COCK. Their readers do too. That is why so many white gays have come here to protest. They do not appreciate Rod getting to uppity.


Well how about asking Rod or Jasmyne to come on a show when discussing gay issues? The media continuously churns out the same faces as "spokesman" for gays. The gay community is diverse and as such there should be all types of people advocating for our issues. But sadly I don't think many in the mainstream gay community want to hear from its "colored" brethren. Oh except when they want "jungle fever" otherwise we are of no use to them.


Oh I see what is going on here. Dan Savage has the audacity to address black homophobia and he is called a racist? He is no afraid of the PC police. And yes dammit IT WAS DAN SAVAGE who gave GAY BLACKS A SHOUT OUT ON NATIONAL TELEVISION....


Okay JOSEPH that was ignorant and racist. No one said ROD was TOO UPPITY. He is just WRONG to go after SAVAGE AND SULLIVAN. They support Obama. SAVAGE SUPPORTS BLACK GAY MEN, OKAY ...

And leave SEX out of THIS ...

walker z

hmmm. more blaming is going on if you ask me, rod you seem very intent on blaming gay white bloggers and media for the fact blacks are homophobic.

i am longtime reader and shocked at your free use of personal insults and derigatory names to describe andrew sullivan and dan savage.

i will no longer support this blog


No offense 735, but do you think A SHOUT OUT is better than fair and accurate media representation? How very cavalier.

Get Over It

So, since 52% voted against your hopes in the Prop 8 ballot...do we now expect the Republicans to protest at the White House because only 52% of the (popular) votes went for Obama? I have no personal implications on the passing or failing of the Prop in CA and am no more a McCain supporter than that of Obama. (I didn't care for either one frankly.) I simply point out that whether it is something you like or not...whether it is something that passes in a simple or an overwhelmingly majority - face the fact: We live in the greatest country in the world where democracy reigns. Obama won and so it goes for the Prop 8 issue as well. Get over it and move on. You look quite silly.

Newark NJ

Blacks and gays should be on the same side. Don't let the Mormon slavemasters pit us against each other. It's the oldest trick in the slavery handbook.

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