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24 November 2008



it is no surprise the Republicans are loooking to Jindal to be their Moses to rescue them for the wilderness. He was rumored to be McCain's top vp pick at one time. Mac would have done better with Jindal.


i don't think Jindal has anything new to offer. but maybe he can be the new face of the old white man's party. good luck.,

Adam C

I don't see gay marriage coming to Iowa, Sorry...

I'm Deep

What exactly has Jindal said about the gays? Why do you call him anti-gay?

Derrick from  Philly

A right-wing, anti-gay, anti-black, anti-labor, anti-women's rights Republican of East Indian ancestry. Do we need to know more?

He probably beats his wife--if she's Indian too. If she's a blond, she probably beats him...wearing leather & stiletto heels.


I agree with Derrick 100%. His anti-black stance, which is laughbale at best when you see him being darker than the average black person, along with his anti-gay stance makes him Palin with a tan and smarter.

But, alas, I don't think that the rank and file GOP will vote for him, they still want folks who look like them.


What is really disgusting about this picture is this suicide bomber looking son of immigrants is governor of a state that is 60 percent black. I find that very disturbing.

There must be some serious money being passed around during the primaries to suppress the black vote down there.

I personally would not give this Alan Keyes via India a snowballs chance in hell to get on the national ticket. But you never know.


If Republicans think that Jindal is going to lead them from the darkness they are poorly mistaken. The public is essentially done with the mean-spirited, base-serving Repulican brand. Any path for Republican re-birth must return it ro its more libertarian leanings-- limited government, strong military, lower taxes, and no intrusions into people's private affairs. The social conservative route to the White House is a dead end. A total dead end. If this party does not find its center and "big tent" it will become a regional party and eventually marginalized.


he was only able to become governor after katrina. This was because there was no longer a strong black political base. The black community was banished to all the corners of the US and a plan to bring them back was never put in place. If Obama hasn't forgotten about katrina, maybe he will bring the black culture and community back to New Orleans. That is where the largest and strongest black political base was. Now it mainly white and they think New Orleans will be the same without the black folks that supported it economically, as far as the service industry and other areas. The state may have a large black population, but it is about black political strength, and that was in New Orleans mainly.

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