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17 November 2008


Mr. Gay Seattle XXXIII

Rod I am still waiting on your review of the album. I love these women their message is amazing. Nona is truly a gifted writer

Pastor Michael-Vincent Crea

Patti is my girl! Her "O People" is my ministry's anthem, she's my message machine's music; I danced with her twice: at the Apollo and The [Paramount] Theatre at the Garden. We shared several other times, too.

At the Apollo, I brought her Italian pastries and a note from my late friend, Alvin, who had been hospitalized the day before. She put his note between her breasts, as she carried out her Italian delights, after stage crew took everything else going to patients at hospitals.

At "The Theatre, I cooked and gave Patti a pasta dinner. She and Nona dedicated and 'blessed' their second verse to a friend,
"This one's for you Antoine!" after he missed the night before and then, arrived that night right out of detox, having gone after I played for him "When You've Been Blessed" at home.

Today, I won in Court...came home and had her singing "Winner In YOU!"

Yes, I am blessed and a real winner because of the 'God-Wonder' Spirit of and in my girlfriend, Patti LaBelle and friends!

Give her your own shout out of gratitude for being the National Chairwoman for African Americans living with and overcoming HIV/AIDS!

Many thanks Rod!

Michael-Vincent Crea, Pastor
One World Life Systems

S. Flemming

They are coming to DC in February and I am trying to go, LOL. I love these chicks.


I love Patti Labelle!!! Im so happy Sarah dash, Nona Hyndrix and the queen herself decided to get back together for one more time. Patti labelle is the defintion of long jevity, diva, and performer.

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