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14 November 2008



What a bunch of dumbazzes. No loss there.

Gina O

I love this quote from the Sheriff:

"To the degree they scrubbed the area was pretty impressive for a group with such a small IQ."


Those guys are going to give hate groups and armed rednecks a bad name!

Oops, too late.


'Recent months have seen a resurgence of Klan activity.'



lol... at dEVIN. I guess the beat goes on. So much for post-racial attitudes, as if that will ever happen.

St. Elsewhere

Meh, another white supremacist dies, teh world is a better place


This Klan is present all over and thats a shame. I really wish one day all this hatred would just end, but obviously its not. The Klan is trying to become even larger just because of the the Race of OUR President. This is just sad...can't we all just love one another.


No win situation, die by lynching if your black or jewish or die by stupidity and ignorance by your so called friends.

The klan is a joke that isn't very funny.

Ignorance, supidity, sloth, and apathy, yeah fine example of the so called "superior" race. LOL

Not a Liberal

Any particular reason you joke about 'the recruiting quotas' Rod?

A woman has been killed. Have you no shame....


Attention: The Sons of Dixie Brotherhood chapter of the KKK will now recruit at Towleroad.com and Queerty.com.

Thank you!

South Side

LOL @ Carlos

Yeah you can say that again, the GayKKK is in full retreat after their slap down from Rod and Jasmyne

Derrick from Philly

A woman has been killed. Have you no shame....

If you seek out the lowest form of human life to associate with, and you end up their victim...well, how much sympathy do you get? She'd have been better off attending the Propostion 8 protest rally last Wednesday night in California. She could have yelled "nigger" all night long, and still been alive to yell "nigger" again today.


heheee, derrick that was priceless, lol

Rod Mc

Derrick, you get a gold star for that one. That was a hoot.


Well it looks like Dan Savage and Datalounge will be missing a few readers from the Louisiana or Oklahoma area..

Ten in My Timz

If you go to these types of places/gatherings and converse with these types of people violence is always a threat. The KKK is a disgrace. Who the hell rasies these freaks?!


Good. Let the racist thugs cancel each other out. What LOSERS!!!! Live by the sword...die by the sword.


Derrick, child, we are going to have to get you a stage show with those quips!

And, Farris, OUCH!

Not a Liberal

I am glad to see Rod thinks this is a quote 'hoot' and so many others find this amusing. Violence of all kinds should be opposed. Of course you think this woman deserved to die. Maybe she regretted her participation in the meeting.

Of course if a black person or gay person were killed you would not be laughing.

Derrick from Philly

Not a Liberal:

Initially, I thought about who this young woman might be, what made her so angry at black folks, and what made her decide to keep company with human garbage-- leading to her demise. I thought about it, and then I remembered the infamous photographs of what white mobs led by the KKK have done, and may still be doing today--especially after this election.

And I also thought about the Proposition 8 protest rallies in Southern California, and the treatmeant of the black gay participants at those events. Those black gay folks went there to join their white gay "friends" to protest an unfair decision by the people of California. What they recieved were white gay people behaving like the group who's company that murdered young woman sought. I think about how stunned and then humiliated those black gay Prop. 8 protesters must have felt when they were being called "niggers".

That young woman decided to join a violent group to do violence against black people. The violent group turned on her. Sorry.

Dr King and his wife, Coretta, would have felt sympathy for that young (wannabe) klanswoman, but then Dr King and Miss Coretta may have been called "niggers" by white faggo...gays last Wednesday night in Los Angeles.

S. Flemming

I wouldn't be laughing, because if they'll do that to one of their own, think of what they'd do to one of us. It could easily be you or me ...


not a liberal, when these black gang bangers kill one another my feeling is the same. who cares? evil is evil regardless of it's color.

I Aim to Please

Somebody was killed during a gang initiation. Well, it happens every week somewhere in America. Not all gangs wear white robes, but somebody's son or daughter gets killed by the gang none the less. The only reason the media decided to sensationalize this specific Klan related killings, is because the victim was white. The national media doesn't give a damn about black or latino kids who gets killed by gangs in Los Angeles or Chicago.


not a liberal... i feel really sorry for you... ignorance is a desease and you need a cure. What type of hurt bitter abused neglected person are you to want to join up with a group of dumb asses who hide behind a dirty ass white clown suit... to think they really feel like their better than any minority or person is funny, at least we can live with ourselves despite all of the things that have happend to blacks, jews, asians,indians, at the hands of ignorant caucasions... get the clue dumb KKK the minorty people will rise to the top and ya'll will still be lookig just as stupid and sad as ya'll have throught ya'lls whole history....lol absolutly silly !


'Recruited over the Internet,' ie the comments board at Towleroad.

She would have been safer joining the GAY KKK. As Derrick sez, they only attack people on blogs.

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