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14 November 2008



Ricky Williams is a sexy athlete scholar, quiet and shy, a role model.


Hands down, Ricky is one of my favorite players. Whether tanked up, or on some remote island, in search of self - he excels in the sport and should be embraced by us all. He always seemed troubled to me though. Hope he continues to do well.


Props to Ricky for stepping outside the football player box and being the interesting person he wants to be. Now I'm surprised Ditka went along with it. I'm sure he thought it was all in good fun, but in 2004 this is what he said about gay marriage,

"What's the matter with right and wrong? Talk about right and wrong. It's either right or wrong. There's no in between . . . And I'm not going to change, and you're not going to change me, no matter if some judge in the state of Massachusetts or the Supreme Court says it's right. It's not right. Wrong is wrong."

Ditka, such a drama queen.


i'm not one for such pronouncements but that dude always sent off my gaydar. i just assumed his struggle with his sexuality is what sent him off the deep end. no matter how many muscles, how high you can jump, or how fast you can run; you can escape your sexuality. it is as much a part of you as your bones or your blood.


Cute picture, and, with one of the most right wing GOP members in football no less!

Lang B.

I laughed out loud heartily seeing this cover.

I respect any Brotha that stands out (no pun- o.k pun intended).

Good for him.

In life, isn't how we perceive ourselves that most matters?


That was a great cover for ESPN! I've always been a fan of Ricky's and wish him all the best in the struggles he has with depression and seems to be a strong weed habit.

Bravo to him for even acknowledging that there are gay football fans (most players would never do so). I also would not be too surprised if he came out as either bi or gay.


Is some channeling their inner vajayjay


If I recall correctly, a few years ago Ricky's mother revealed that he had been sexually abused as a child. I think this was her way of "defending" (or explaining) his "unorthodox" ways.

Sonut Honti

Wedding dress on athlete...ummmm...remember that guy named Rod...something....the basketball player with the piercings and tatoos?

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