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12 November 2008



Good idea for the GOP to actually show some people with color, but, why do they always pick the ones who seem to be anti-black????

Steele has about as much of a chance of getting the job as I do.


A bigoted Republican ? Not surprised. Do we know where Collin Powell and/or Condi Rice stand on Prop 8? Just wondering...

Hey Rod, I believe there's a typo in the article. The last paragraph reads "...and sex marriage..." and "...slammed say marriage as..." I venture to assume you meant gay marriage in both instances?

Great read as usual!!

Rod Mc

Shabaka, thanks much, I was rushing and on the phone, never did my final check, lol.


U're welcome, Rod! Always a pleasure reading you!!! Prop "H8" is getting you guys all riled up, ain't it? LOL! We're holding a rally this Saturday at the American Embassy here in Toronto, so keep your heads up! We've got your backs!!


The GOP is going to have to shake off that old white male image and come up with a new gimmick. Their candidate did not even know how to use a blackberry. If they must go with a minority I would prefer Steele than that suicide bomber looking governor of La.

Derrick from Philly

Who's the sexiest? Michael Steele or Clarence Thomas? 'Bout the same. Let's ask Sarah Palin which one she'd prefer.


LOL @ 'Derrick from Philly'!

As much as we in Maryland would like to show Steele the door, I don't think we want to foist him on the nation. When he ran for Lt Governor here, huge posters of him were placed near polling places in heavily African American neighborhoods reading "Why not one of us?" After the election, however, I can honestly not remember one thing Steele did while serving in Gov. Bob Erlich's administration....

Oddly I think he actually has a shot at RNC Chair because it "looks good" (See, we're a progressive party and welcome everyone!). In terms of policy, however, IMHO he might as well be named Michael W Bush....

John Carr

Steele anti gay? Just for show . He is close to Ken Mehlman, hires alot of gays at GOPAC and has been endorsed by the Log Cabin Republicans. Hmmmm sounds enlightened to me. Bet he looked cut in his Seminary robe.

This is a joke right? Are we talking about the same former RNC Chairman Ken Mehlman who is a closeted queen and supervised gay-baiting and race-baiting campaigns? While the party ran on an anti-gay platform? You keep telling yourself that "JOHN", and show me that endorsement. lol. RM

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