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26 November 2008


Taylor Siluwé

This would truly be good news. I'm keeping my fingers crossed. And toes.

Derrick from Philly

It would be wonderful to have Mr Milan appointed in such a role in the Obama Administration. Why not Surgeon General? Put a homo somewhere, Slim...I mean, President Obama.


Oh, yay, I hope this happens. I am very hopeful for a cabinet that looks like America -- we already have a female Secretary of Homeland Security and an African American Attorney General, both firsts in the position. That's progress I can get behind.


This is great news. There is so much ground to cover after a disastrous 8 years of abstinence only and a retreat from direct prevention messages to gay and bi men. Nothing beats a seat at the table.


Jesse would be a wonderful choice for this position. Since his diagnosis 26 years ago he has always been in the forefront on this issue here at home and abroad.

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