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03 December 2008


Lee Adleigh

ROD I LOVE YOU! I always wanted to know the name of this song as was surprised to hear it in Milk.

Danny Rivera

I saw the movie and gagged when I heard that song. So many memories. But tell me, how do you make a movie about San Francisco in the 1970s and have NO BLACK QUEENS OR DRAG QUEENS?

except Sylvesyter, I counted him as the only one. almost no black faces at all

C. Baptiste-Williams

saw the movie which i thought was great but didn't really pay much attention to the music because it was before my time but it is sad to see out of the three songs in the movie none made the soundtrack


love this song!

S. Flemming

This is the best movie of the year, hands down. I thought they could have found somebody a bit better to play The Fabulous Sylvester James ... but I was happy that they had him in there since he was good friends with Harvey Milk. Sean Penn better get an Oscar or something, that's all I know. Every gay man, regardless of color, should see this film.


...for a full on opus to the treasure that is First choice, Rochelle Fleming, Annette Guest and Ursula Herring, might I suggest the 1977 album, "Delusions"... It includes, "Dr. Love", "Chances Go Around" and "Let No Man Put Asunder...", with 9 cuts it's both classic and timeless from start to finish, and does indeed epitomize the Philadelpia Sound...as I type this i'm sitting here with the lp in my hands...I still listen to it every so often...ahhhh, the memories and the history will never die...enjoy...!

S. Flemming

Oh and LOVE First Choice ... my jam is "Armed and Extremely Dangerous." Those chicks were for real.

Just Me

Saw the movie. They could have gotten a better Sylvester, but really enjoyed it.

Loved First Choice. Lead Singer Rochelle Fleming sang some of those songs at the Newark (NJ) House Music Festival in Lincoln Park this past Summer.

Anyone (House/Club Heads) on this board going to the Winter Music Conference in Miami Beach this March?

J Matt

Love the fact that you covered First Choice - one of the most underrated girl groups with the funky Salsoul disco sound. WOW!

But Rod, I'm mad that you didn't even recognize Dr. Love. (Sob) I keepz that song playing in my mp3 playa.

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