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06 December 2008



looks a little white washed... hope there were some other minority blogs represented

Danny Rivera

I disagree. Sure it is a majority white but there are a number of minorities there. You see Irene Monroe right there in the front, plus Rod is there obviously, and he listed all the others, such as Pam who is very prominent, Michael Crawford is there and he is black and the black gay professor from LA...All the top black gay political bloggers are there.


sorry, but I got a laugh out of the name tag. at least the last letter was an M and not an N



that name tag is a hoot, lol

rod let me say a THANK YOU and a CONGRATULATIONS. you are seriously representing for the brothas. an incredible blog, writing for the advocate about OUR stories, being quoted in the WALL STREET JOURNAL and attending this blogger conference. i'm proud you are repping black gay men and trying to do the damn thing


Rod, I'm agreeing with Danny. Congratulations, you are doing big things and such a player. We are lucky you are on our team, lol.


It's like seeing my blogroll come to life!:) Congrats Ron!


Rod, are you going to give us a summary of the Prop 8 discussion. I would really like to hear some of the dialogue and who admitted what. I also have to wonder aloud why Mike Towle isn't there.


Hmmm....that name butchering is sounding rather SUGGESTIVE...lol

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