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01 December 2008


Taylor Siluwé


I'm extremely proud of our brave Haitian brothers and sisters.

Go Fam'! May your balls be an inspiration to those here in America who still haven't quite found theirs.


I second that STANDING OVATION!!!!

Coming out in general takes balls and a whole lot of other things, but to do it in such a place gives me courage. Recently coming out myself, I can sense the liberation (and underscored fear)....what a great feeling and time for them. Hopefully, they will inspire others in Haiti and beyond to live life openly and to the fullest each day. I wish them well....

Joey Bahamas

Beautiful...Haiti is my homeland's neighbor and this is very encouraging to see!


Mr. Gay Seattle XXXIII

This is great to see I hope everyone takes time to remember someone they lost in the fight against HIV/AIDS

Mr. Gay Seattle XXXIII

I think sometimes we take it for granted how good we have it. It takes courage to come out but in those countries it is worse.

Taylor Siluwé

Congrats D.baRR ...
and I'm sure they will inspire many. Unfortunately, with liberation comes the inevitible backlash. The oppressor never goes down easy ....



NO they don't.

But NEVER give up...or "give in" as rosa parks said...


Thx for sharing, Rod. I talked to my Haitian friends in Montréal about this and they were ecstatic. Bravo Haïti chérie!!

Mel Smith

I'm proud of them. They need to also go on an educational marketing campaign to eduacate people about sexual orientation.


When shall we see that in French Caribbean Islands Guadeloupe and Martinique? That's unthinkable! They really have BIG BALLS in Haiti!


Beautiful. Talk about bravery.

Thanks for sharing this.


Brava! Very beautiful. Look at them, you can see the happiness radiating off of them.-QH


Rod, you just made me cry. WOW! I am just stunned. What a year of change this has been. First Obama and now a gay pride march in Haiti?......Haiti?....Haiti? Lord have mercy. Gays everywhere are voicing themselves with such courage. Amazing. Who is next? Jamaica?


justbthat.com | jonathan perry

I have noticed even here in the US, especially in ATL, people are feeling more comfortable with their HIV Status. A great debt is owed to December 1 and people who choose to make their truth and experience public. I am so honored to be apart of this experience.

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